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All our singing lessons are private, one-on-one lessons, but contact Ellie if you want to book her out for group sessions!

In-Person singing lessons in San Diego take place at La Jolla Music on Girard near Torrey Pines Rd

Skype or Zoom video online singing lessons are available all year (schedule those here) and in-person lessons around 6 times per year.  Next in-person dates:

* Next in-person dates for lessons in San Diego:

Open 11am -1:30pm, 2:30pm – 5pm
Mon Feb 17
Mon Feb 24
Thurs May 7
Mon June 29
Mon July 6
Mon Aug 24
Mon Aug 31
Mon Sept 7

If the time you want is filled, check back 48-72 hours ahead time of the lesson time to see if anyone made a timely cancellation (72 hrs).  Click on the click to book link and look at the actual calendar for that day and not just the openings listed above.

Contact our office manager Hazel for help with booking for San Diego at this email: Singing.Lessons.NYC/gmail

Want pricing/booking in San Francisco? New York?  Online?

Length of SessionSingle or PackagePrice: Book this session
50 minutes
Single session$110Book now
(Scroll through calendar to find in-person dates))
100 minutes
Single session$220Book now
(Scroll through calendar to find in-person dates))
10 x 50min lesson packpackage$1050Purchase here
(Credits good for a year)
10 x 100min lesson packpackage$2100Purchase here
(Credits good for a year)