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Singing Lessons NYC offers: Voice lessons in NYC and online singing lessons online w one of our NYC vocal coaches, singing lessons in New York.  

Listen to Singing Lesssons NYC long-term voice lessons NYC clients and colleagues:

Singing Lessons NYC and online singing lessons client Los Angeles pro singer-songwriter Lio Nicol who started taking singing lessons NYC with Ellie as a beginner (Pop Singing – 52 second)



Online Singing Lessons - Singling Lessons NYC

The brilliant Singing Lessons NYC K-Pop star and Superstar K contestant Kate Kim.  Ellie was her first (and only) singing teacher or vocal coach NYC in San Francisco before she was signed by a K-Pop label and moved to Seoul




Ellie’s colleague GRAMMY-winning drummer Billy Ray hooks Ellie & Singing Lessons NYC up with a testimonial for our voice lessons NYC – what more could a vocal coach want!

Also see Ellie’s performing site Live Jazz NYC by Eleonor England

Online Singing Lessons Review
Review of Online Voice Lessons with Ellie

Voice Lessons NYC

Check out what singers who started as beginners in voice lessons by here and did long-term voice lesson study, voice lessons NYC or online singing lessons with Ellie as their vocal coach went on to do:

  • GRAMMYs (US) Pop/Rock/Indie singer – w Ellie, vocal coach NYC
  • Chinese Music Awards (China) Canto-Pop, Mando-Pop singer w Ellie
  • Superstar K (Korea) K-Pop singer w Ellie, vocal coach NYC
  • Label signing (multiple) Rock, Jazz, Indie, KPop, Canto-Pop, US Pop singers
  • The Voice (Hong Kong) multiple C-Pop singers (Canto-Pop and Mando-Pop)
  • American Idol (US) US Pop/R&B singer
  • Check out more of our clients’ accomplishments

SLNYC is the place for NYC vocal coaching, voice lessons in NYC or online singing lessons! Singing lessons in New York.  Piano Lessons NYC 

Singing Lessons San Francisco

Singing Lessons San Francisco is open to the public 5x/year and does Skype vocal coaching sessions other weeks!

  • Singing Lessons San Francisco is located 2 blocks from Oakland 19th St BART.
  • Singing Lessons San Francisco’s next dates for in person voice lessins in San Francisco is Sat 22 Dec and Sat 29 Dec

Singing Lessons NYC - NYC & Online Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons San Diego by Eleonor England

Singing Lessons San Diego is open to the public 5x/year and does online singing lessons other weeks!

  • Singing Lessons San Diego is located in La Jolla on Girard near Torrey Pines Road.
  • Singing Lessons San Diego’s next dates for in person voice lessins in San Diego is 7 Dec – 2 Jan

Singing Lessons NYC & Online Singing Lessons Coach Ellie Offers:

  • Singing Lessons for ages 10 to 99
  • Vocal Coaching in NYC
  • Online Voice Lessons for all abilities and levels
  • Piano Lessons NYC
  • Online Singing Lessons




Hey guys!

Happy SUMMER!! I hope you are all doing great!! Just wanted to send you an update of Ellie’s Summer visits for San Diego and San Francisco and catch you up with some cool stuff happening for the summer that might be of interest to you, like summer  programs and FREE piano/songwriting courses, keep reading:D ->

Ellie will be there in SD and SF next week starting June  26th and then again in mid-August for a whole month just so she gets to see ALL OF YOU!! 

Piano and Songwriting Course  Our two online courses, Basic Piano and Beginning Songwriting, will be running again and available to all people enrolled in any package (monthly packages with Lothair or 10 lesson series packages). So if you still have lesson pack credits left on your 10-pack, you are IN there, BABY! The videos release on Sunday nights and homework is due to be graded on the following Sunday night. The Basic Piano class will set you up to be able to take the Beginning Songwriting class. So if you know nothing about music but songwriting is your big dream, sign up first for Basic Piano and then in the autumn, hit the Songwriting class. The courses, again, are FREE to all monthly subscribers and package lesson holders. We want you to be more well-rounded and better equipped with your music pursuits. If there are 2 or more advanced songwriting students who’ve already had both classes, we can form an advanced group via Skype which meets once a week. It, too, would be of course, FREE. Click the invite link here  to join the Facebook group for these courses.

Alright guys, thank you so much for reading! Let us know if you have any questions or need any more info on things mentioned here okay? Feel free to email/call/text us, we are always happy to hear from you!

Ellie will be super looking forward to seeing all of you this summer!