“You’ve done more for me in one lesson than all three of my previous teachers the whole time I was studying with them.”

– Martin L


“After just one lesson with Ellie, I had a stronger, more beautiful voice…I learned more about my voice than most of my other teachers taught [me] combined.”

-Matt D (via Yelp)


“Ellie is by far the best voice teacher that I had! She is very helpful and really knows how to teach. She has techniques that you would learn only from her.”

-Karl C., American Idol Golden Ticket winner (via Yelp)


I learned more in that one hour than I learned the whole time I was with my other instructor.”

– Randy R.


“Eleonor improved my skills like no other. I was shocked that she was able to help me improve skills enough to perform live with a choir. Everything from my tone, vocal range, sense of rhythm, and pitch have improved in such a short period of time.  Her techniques are fun, funny, and yet incredibly effective!  I highly recommend.”

– JP (Google reviews)

“Most coaches just weren’t that effective for me. That is, until I went to Eleonor England.
From the first time I met Ellie, I could tell she was a different kind of coach…about 3-5 minutes into following her instructions, she told me to sing. Whoa. There was a noticeable improvement in my tone and an ease in performance.”

-Charlie I (via Yelp)


Eleonor is the best vocal coach I have had…She teaches you techniques that no one has ever taught me and no one probably even knows about.”

-Brittany S “Monty” (via Yelp)



Singing Lesons NYC testimonial with Kate Kim

The brilliant Singing Lessons NYC K-Pop star and Superstar K contestant Kate Kim.  Ellie was her first (and only) singing teacher in SF before she was signed by a K-Pop label and moved to South Korea


Hey Guys!

Ellie here!  We’re about to kick of another killer summer of voice lessons at Singing Lessons NYC and I’m getting excited to get to meet all the new and returning singers.

At Singing Lessons NYC, I am actually the only voice teacher so we can maintain a consistent level of quality.  My main thing is I love teaching and getting to explore voice with people, beginners through advanced and people with personal goals all the way up to professional goals.  We’ve had some great results with former clients going on to nominations/wins/etc at the GRAMMYs, Los Angeles Music Awards, Chinese Music Award, The Voice, Superstar K, #1 album & song charting.  You get the idea and can read all our reviews, as well.

I choose to teach because it is actually really thrilling to get to hear the results right away, get to meet people and hear about their hopes and dreams and get to do concrete work toward getting them there - whether it is just to sing better or to cut a cd or make an audition.  I love people and I love dreams and having the chance to work on them with people is a real privilege.


About Ellie

Eleonor England is a NYC jazz vocalist and the owner of Singing Lessons NYC.  She also works as a vocal coach (NYC) for R&B, pop, K-pop, C-pop, I-pop, rock, jazz, blues, soul, and more. All lessons at Singing Lessons NYC are with Elllie so we can control quality and we have voice lessons in NYC 42 weeks a year, as well as a few times a year out of town in San Francisco and San Diego, as well.  Year-round, she takes her California clients via Skype or another online video chat.  Voice lessons in NYC and online voice lessons are available for you public speakers out there to learn how to make your voice sound better.


Singing Lessons NYC Offers
Something Unique

This is what makes us unique among NYC voice teachers:

  • Singing Lessons NYC (SLNYC) has zero associate voice teachers.  Most studios with our track record have associate teachers and attract clients with the main teacher but then get them into voice lessons with an associate teacher.  I like having no associates because it allows me to guarantee that every client at SLNYC gets the same level of training and care.
  • We are priced very competitively.  A lot of the studios offering singing lessons in NYC who, like us, have clients nominated for GRAMMYs, winning American Idol and Superstar K auditions, hosting majour shows like The Voice, and selling felony quantities of records cost between $150+/session.  But that sucks cause at those rates most peope can’t come in that often.  I want you to come in and learn some stuff.  Your skills and success are my resume.
  • We are cost-effective. Many of Ellie’s clients and past students have left reviews to the effect of one lesson here is more informative and useful than however many lessons/years/months of study at both cheaper and more expensive studios. Check out our reviews for more deets!

  • Just because you’re not a pro vocalist and regardless of whether you’re doing the NYC voice lessons thing to go pro or just for personal reasons, you’ll get treated the same.  I love my pro clients but I also love my amateur clients and just really enjoy meeting diverse people from all over with different relationships to singing.  We have clients who are devoted shower singers through international pop superstars.  It’s the diversity that makes it fun!
  • Ellie knows what jazz is!  This is especially helpful if you are looking for a jazz vocal coach or are in town for jazz vocal workshops.
  • Almost all clients notice that they leaarned how to make thier voice sound better in the first lesson.  The first lessons is where Ellie teches you how to sing from your diaphragm correctly.  Other ways to sing better and tips to sing better are given at each lesson along the way.  We offer solid technique for all musical styles, which is how to improve your singing voice.
  • Clients who started at SLNYC as their first voice lessons went on to do some cool stuff!


Clients Who Took NYC Voice Lessons at SLNYC As Beginners Went on to:

  • Signing with majour labels in the US, China, Europe, and South Korea (in conjunction with Ellie’s work as a vocal coach in NYC ofr R&B, K-Pop, C-Pop, US Pop, Rock, and as a jazz vocal coach)
  • Getting on American Idol (client worked with Ellie as a vocal coach in NYC for R&B)
  • Hosting The Voice (client worked with Ellie on Canto-pop training)
  • GRAMMY nomination (indie/folk/rock/pop)
  • Wins and nominations at the Chinese Music Awards (Canto-Pop and Mando-Pop)
  • Wins and nominations in local music awards stateside too numerous to list including Los Angeles Music Awards, San Diego Music Award, and Bay Area Music Awards in the San Francisco Bay Area (Blues, Jazz, Adult Contemporary, Pop, Rock, Indie, Alternative, and more)
  • Multi-platinum album sales – certified by record sales (client worked with Ellie on vocal training for C-Pop)
  • Cutting cds too numerous to list in Blues, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Indie and more.
  • Regional winners for International Blues Challenge (um, Blues!) 


Vocal Coach NYC R&B, Soul, Blues, Rock, More

Vocal coaching is different than singing lessons but Ellie does both voice lessons and vocal coaching in NYC in R&B, jazz, blues, rock, pop, K-pop, C-pop, I-pop, indie and other genres.  Vocal coaching is more about interpretation whereas singing lessons are more about technique.

Some services we offer at Singing Lessons NYC:

  • Ellie works as a vocal coach in NYC for R&B
  • Jazz Vocal Coaching & New York jazz workshops for visiting groups
  • NYC Singing Lessons for Pop
  • Vocal training in KPop and CPop (Mando-Pop and Canto-Pop)
  • Audition Preparation (SLNYC clients have gotten in to majour universities and conservatories including Berklee, Manhattan School of Music (graduate jazz program), New England Conservatory (graduate jazz program), Indiana University music school, and more
  • Singing lessons for kids
  • Singing Lessons for beginners
  • Singing lessons online via Skype, Oovoo, Facetime, or other video chat programs and apps.