Singing Lessons NYC for Kids!

I love working with kids which is why I have a special program at Singing Lessons NYC called Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC.  It’s so amazing to get to explore music for the first time all over again.  Although most of my clients are adults, about 20% of the studio are kids and they get treated a little differently which is why I started the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program.

Most times, ages 11-13 is ideal time to start voice lessons.  There are exceptions to this age and it does not have to do with “talent” – it’s just some kids are more able to concentrate for longer periods than others and this changes as kids get older.  So if your kid is interested in starting the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC and they are younger than this, I am totally game to give it a shot.  I’m often surprised by a young kid’s interest level and you never really know until you try it. In the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program, you’ll wanna schedule a single session just to see how your kid does in a one-on-one singing lesson.  If they don’t do well, you can try waiting 6-12 months and see how they do with it.  We always learn something, but long-term study needs to be gered toward the exact kid and it has to be when they are ready for it.

Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC takes place at 520 8th Ave Fl 16 New York, NY 10018.  Singing Lessons NYC has been in NYC since about 2015 and prior to that I worked in Hollywood where we had many child actors in for singing lessons – very similar to the lessons in NYC.  The NYC teaching studio is set up with a piano, a mirror for the not shy, and often our NYC location gives us a room with a nice window for the sessions.

The Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program requires a lot of flexibility  to get the most out of the unique way kids learn.  I’m very into learning theory and kids have such a great energy and ability to absorb things they are intereted in.  In the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program, I try to take advantage of whatever is driving their brain that particular moment.  Kids learn so much more when the teaching program mathces their interest.  They tend to cycle to another related interest later and then you can work in that area.  In my experience giving singing lessons to kids, this is how you get really deep understanding and engagement.  So often you hear about kids losing interest upon taking lessons and I think that is because we try to force them to conform to what we want to teach them instead of tailoring the education to their brains and interests.  That’s the philosophy behind the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program.

Another important things with kids is thaat they can internalize everything.  Adults do this, too, of course – and singing is a very personal and sensitive thing for many people, young and old – but kids’ brains are being wired for life and I believe in the carrot and not the stick approach to keep them open to new experiences in the world, not just in the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program but to carry with them into other areas of their lives.  I usually have 3 or 4 ways to teach something right off the top of my head and often invent new ways with kids in the singing lessons when it seems like they would be responsive.  And it’s important not to be inflexible in how you teach because kids can internalize that and start surmising that they are not smart or that they are untalented when in fact they just need things explained to them in a way that fits their learning style and experience in the world.

What I really enjoy about the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program is that I get to go with them in the exploration and the newness of it all – it’s like getting to relive the energy of learning it all over again.  I get so much energy from them and they are really a joy to work with.  I know sometimes they are really shy at first but with some close work, they open up and start to reveal how awesome they are.

In both my previous work in California and in this NYC Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program, I’ve had some really great results – leads in school plays, leads in professional productions, audition success at performing ats schools such as SOTA (School of the Arts in San Francisco), COSA (Coronado School of the Arts), even Berklee School of Music and other prestigious music schools and programs at the high school through university level.  Some of the “kids” have gotten professional work in working bands and other projects.  I think the best part about the Singing Lessons (For Kids!) NYC program, though, is just the joy of learning and discovery that you get with kids that is so unique to them.  It’s amazing.

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