We do singer-songwriters!  Someone has to do them!  I joke!  We actually work with a lot of singer-songwriters in a variety of genres including pop/rock, pop, rock, jazz, R&B, blues, K-Pop, C-Pop, etc.  Some of them front bands and some are solo acts for the most part.

We’ve added some staff to support our singer-songwriter clients who make up a lot of our student body). Here are some of the things we can help with:

* Songwriting Coaching in English or Mandarin w Justin Lin – David has a degree from Berklee in Boston — whose songwriting program is legendary — and he has songs placed on TV shows and he does it all from his home computer.  These sessions can include straight up songwriting or go into the realm of how to produce your music at home to broadcast-quality standards.  And David Is very sensitive to the fact that these are YOUR songs and he works in service to your artistic vision.  David can work in both English and Chinese and advise on getting into the Chinese and US markets.

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* Vocal Technique – Hitting high notes hard for you?  Is your voice really uneven?  Is it hit or miss depending on the day? Do you hate the way your voice sounds?  Vocal technique can help with that.  Whether it’s mixing for a smooth transition between chest (low voice) and head (high voice), accessing your whistle register, increasing your range, or just sounding less like Kermit D Frog, we have some of THE most qualified voice technique instructors in NYC.  All our associate technique instructors have PhDs and we compete directly w universities and conservatories when we hire our instructors.
For your songs, you can use originals for the lesson, but it really helps if you bring a chart (which David can help you with).  A “chart” is a piece is sheet music with the chords and maybe the melody written out on it.  We’ll work with you a little with the teacher playing the piano and then set you loose to your own devices, but that time spent with us playing the instrument for you is really good to start to build the skills while not having to juggle the second instrument.  That lays the foundation of the muscle memory that we’ll bring into the version you do while accompanying yourself.You won’t find better voice technicians. 

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* Piano and Guitar– Wanna save some money by not hiring instrumentalists for your gigs and recordings?  Learn or improve your guitar or piano skills with David.  David teaches beginning-advanced piano and beginning-intermediate guitar to round out your singer-songwriter project, help you write songs more easily, and come up with original versions of cover tunes.  A lot of our clients get scouted off their Youtube channel and the most successful Youtube channels include cover songs done in an original way, not exactly like the original artist.  Just can help you come up with guitar or piano parts to set your versions apart.  As always, you can choose the music you work on in the sessions – whether it’s originals or covers.

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Our singer-songwriter clients have gone on from our studio to:

  • GRAMMY nominations
  • Los Angeles Music Awards
  • Chinese Music Awards (Hong Kong)
  • TV Talent Shows such as the Voice (Hong Kong), American Idol (US), and Superstar K (S Korea)
  • Platinum album sales
  • Sold out stadium shows
  • San Diego Music Awards
  • Artists in Music Awards, Hollywood CA
  • More

We’ll respect your artistic vision while giving you tools to get the results you want in your songs.  Hit us up to get in with a first lesson and let’s do this!


Eleonor England