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Hey guys! Ellie here! I wanna tell you about our new non-professional kids singing lessons program. Ages 5+ to young adult!  Professional kids can book these too – or buy lessons singly (50 min recommended for pro-track kids). Also check out our Kids Singing Resources!

“Out of all the studios we tried a month of here and there, [this] is the very best and the one I’d recommend”

– Meghan J Via Google writing about our non-professional kids program


Here the deets:


David Lin

Kids voice lessons w David Lin

David Lin is great for younger kids (ages 5 to 12) and Graduated Magna cum Laude from Berklee School of Music.  David is fun and very sharp and – in addition to kids singing lessons – plays ukelele, guitar, and piano.  He’s a heavyweight, too, with his original recordings placed in various TV shows.

We recommend starting with a 25-minute session for most kids age 5-10.

Times open for David for ongoing kids month packages (ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19) – availability updated 6 Oct 2020:


NYC Time Zone for Kids Singing, Piano, or Guitar Lessons

New Times Opened for Overflow

  • Wednesdays: 3p (25- or 50 min) 3.25p (25- or 50-min), 3.50p (25 min only), 4.15p (25- or 50-min), 4.40p (25-min), 8.10p (25- or 50-min), or 8.35p (25 min only) Pacific Time
  • Saturdays: 11.50a (50-min only), 12.15p (25-min only), 2.25p (25- or 50-min),  4p (25- or 50-min) Eastern 


California Time Zone for Kids Singing, Piano, or Guitar Lessons 

  • Wednesdays 12p (25- or 50 min) 12.25p (25- or 50-min), 12.50p (25 min only), 1.15p (25- or 50-min), 1.40p (25-min), 5.10p (25- or 50-min), or 5.35p (25 min only) Eastern Time
  • Saturdays 8.50a (50-min only), 9.15a (25-min only), 11.25a (25- or 50-min),  1p (25- or 50-min) Pacific


Booking (Singing)

Booking (Piano)

Booking (Guitar)

We’ll email you to confirm a time!


“Dr. Felix is such a delight to work with, very patient, fun and the way he handles kids is superb!”

– Ela H via Google on our non-professional Kids program


Dr. Felix

Dr Felix Graham (ages 16 – adult) is amazing with kids and holds a PhD in music education from Columbia Teachers’ College.  He has stickers and all kinds of tools of the trade for working with young kids and is also great with older kids.   

For younger kids (below age 11), we recommend a 25 min lessons until we get a read on how your child would tolerate longer lessons.  It’s better to start with maybe too little time for the first few and upgrade to a longer lesson later rather than the reverse.

Times open for “Dr Felix” for ongoing kids month-long packages (open times updated 3/20/20) (ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19) – availability updated 6 Oct 2020:

Eastern Time Zone (NYC) for Kids Singing Lessons

  • Tuesdays are wide open starting 27 Oct


Pacific Time Zone (California) for Kids Singing Lessons

  • Tuesday are wide open starting 27 Oct

To Book


“Lars is one of the most committed and caring Voice teachers’s I’ve come across.  He is great with beginners and kids over age 12.  He’s got 2 kids of his own at home and knows how to approach kids in a very organic way and meets them where they are in singing and in life.  I highly recommend him!”

– Eleonor England


Dr. Lars

Dr Lars Woodul (ages 12 – adult) is great for older kids singing lessons and holds a PhD in vocal performance from SUNY Stonybrook.  Lars is a very very steady guy and brings a level of calmness to his sessions which students with tension or anxiety really respond well to.  

We recommend a 50-minute session for most kids age 12+, unless your child has a shorter attention span in which case we can organize a 25 min lesson series for you.  Note that the 25 min lessons are only available for the month-long kids packages.  

Times open for “Lars” for ongoing kids singing lessons month packages (open times updated 3/20/20) (ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE DUE TO COVID-19) – time given in Eastern time zone (updated 20 July 2020):

Eastern & Pacific Time Zones

  • Sundays: 3.50p Eastern/ 12.50p Pacific (50 min)




We’ll email you to confirm your time!


How the Singing Lessons NYC Kids Division Works

Because childhood is a great time to build solid skills for life and also because parents like having a steady schedule, Ellie developed the Kids’ Monthly Lessons Package.  How it works is you sign up for a time and day and that time/day is reserved each week just for you.  No weekly changes to mess with your schedule, your time is your time.  For times when your kid is sick or has an emergency come up, we have a group makeup lesson where they learn things like rhythm, group singing, duet singing, and other skills that are great to learn in a group environment.  The subject of the monthly group makeup changes all the time so sign up for a topic that interests your child!

Our “month” averages 4 weeks, no lessons on holidays.



Q: Does Ellie give kids lessons?

A: Yes, Ellie works with kids but does not have a specific kids program.  Kids should be age 10+ and capable of concentrating for 50 min.  Enroll them through the adult GET STARTED link at the upper right


Ready to Roll?

You can enroll by calling our offices and speaking to Hazel – the number is 212-736-3118 (call) or 415-895-0549 (text)

You can also enroll online by clicking the below link and setting up your payment.  Your payment will auto-renew every month on the 15th.





After paying, please email us at Singing.Lessons.NYC(gmail) with your time preferences and the start date you want! The available dates/times above are updated regularly.  We will email you back confirming your time/day and start date!