Voice Feminization & Masculinization – FTM & MTF Voice Training

We have a transgender voice specialist here at our studio in NYC – Dr Felix! Dr Felix is a male transgender voice specialist with a PhD from Columbia and experience with both MTF Voice Training and FTM Voice Training. Voice Feminization is an important need in the trans community and Dr Felix has studied it extensively.

We provide both voice feminization and voice masculinization for the trans community – both for singing and speaking.

One of the first steps many trans people go through with their voice is vocal therapy for transgender voice with a speech pathologist. However, mtf vocal training with a voice teacher for voice feminization or ftm masculinization is another tool to have in your toolkit.

Many mtf trans women find that they pass…until they speak, and then they start to be misgendered. That’s where voice feminization or mtf voice training comes in. MTF transition is especially challenging for trans women and mtf voice training is often used as a non-surgical tool to better align your gender and presentation.

Set up an initial mtf voice training session with Dr Felix at our scheduling page – just make an appointment with Felix and in the forms let us know you are there for transgender mtf voice training. We also have online sessions available.