Voice Lessons and Singing Coaching for the “Tone Deaf”

“Tone deafness” isn’t a real disease. All it means is that a person has a hard time replicating VOCALLY a pitch that they are given to sing. There are a lot of different reasons why this may be the case, but all of them are totally fixable.

I offer a special training for people who feel they are “tone deaf” or who feel their pitch is really off a lot of the time. I am very patient and, over time the past 12 year, I have developed ways to teach people to overcome their pitch “issues” and we will have you singing “in tune” before too long.

When people don’t use their voice for singing (because they are afraid of being off key, for instance), they are oftentimes very unhappy in some deep way. Singing is, I think, a necessity for happiness for many people and being afraid of being “tone deaf” can have a majour impact on your general happiness for many people – you will know who you are. Come in for a first lesson and let me see what we can do to get you toward your goal of on-pitch singing so you can one day have the confidence to be able to sing around the house, sing Happy Birthday To You at office parties or even do karaoke or open mike!

I offer a 12 week program for those with severe pitch issues (and we have singing lessons for kids plus some very affordable singing lessons packages).  All you need is you, your desire to sing, and maybe some ideas of songs you would like to sing – we will take care of the rest in the lessons!  Sign up online for TONE DEAF RETRAINING.  You can start anytime and the lessons will be on consecutive weeks – you may reschedule up to two of the lessons if you need to, though!  Payment plans are available.

To set up a first lesson: Go to Lessons Reservations