Total Vocal Program

Next enrollment will open late autumn for January & February 2018 start dates.  Last day to enroll is 12 Feb 2018.

Introducing Ellie’s new total vocal program. I know that sounds spammy AF, but it’s kinda descriptive of the program I’m building.

The TVP (what the heck, I’ll just go for the spammy thing. “Dive right in” is what I always say) comes about from a couple of observations that I’ve made of late.

The first observation that I made was pretty obvious (and yet it took me 20 years to make it. So. There’s that.)I noticed that most of my students who really “made it” (which means differnt things for different genres) had some additional musical skills aside from “just” singing amazing. Of course most of them sing amazing and spend several years training their voices – as would any person starting a business who needs to build skills – but most of the ones who were able to set themselves apart from the crowd of people who had also sepnt several years building their singing skills had additional musical skills that enabled them to do that. At the minimum, they had some piano/arranging/theory skills. I know to a beginner this sounds like some foreign language, but I’ve simplified the study down to some essential and singer-friendly skills that I am providing for “Semester” students in the form of video courses to work on concurrently with your singing lessons. There are 12 30-minute videos (which may be broken down into smaller chunks as we go forward this autumn) available to semester client.

The second observation I have made actually I made a bit earlier in the game but always found I had to talk to people about in the actual paid sessions. Which yay, I’m getting paid, but I’d frankly rather be paid to supply vocal training – which I am always not happy to sacrifice in order to talk about other stuff because I feel like it’s hard to get all the information out to people that I need to get out to them about the actual sining part. Anyway, the second observation was people just don’t know the professional stuff they need to work in singing. So like, you need a “book” (pro singers, you will know what I mean by this) and these days you need a Youtube channel and my clients are actually being scouted from their YouTube channel in a pretty regular way. So how do you make your YouTube channel catch people’s eyes and how do you get people to find you when there are a million other YouTube channels out there? Man, I wanna tell you all about it but I also wanna work on your singing. So I am making videos about some of the topics and also meeting once a month with Semester clients in a group online at a time that works for the most people to answer questions and maybe get topics for videos to send out. These “Career Days” meetings are taped to send out to people who couldn’t be there. And we’ll move the time around so if you always work at SlaveMart Sunday nights, you won’t miss every meeting cause they are always Sunday nights.

Another observation I had, which I’ve already mentioned, is that there is simply not enough time to convey all the information I want to convey to you. My objectives are to do the very best for you with the money and time you have to budget for this. I could make totally 100% video courses. But then I would not be able to check in with you and tailor the experience to your needs, check and make sure it looks okay, and give you pointers and corrections. However, some big topics I can make into mini-lectures for people to just give them the additional information there is not time to do in classes. Even the people that have been taking with me for like 10 years, there is always new stuff that I find out I have never told them. And it’s important stuff! Semester clients will have access to supplemental singing vids. These vids include tips and techniques too supplement your studies. There are 12 30-minute videos (which may be broken down into smaller vids as we go forward this autumn) available to Semester clients.

In addition to these videos, I also will have videos specifically to build jazz skills. Jazz singing is much different than other kinds of singing. And there are a lot of stylistic singing skills that jazz uses that other genres do not use. Even though jazz is a genre where being very very good and skilled is more highly prized and even expected than in other genres, jazz singers in private lessons often don’t get as much technique when they study for only short times because a lot of the time goes into stylistic teaching. What is swing and how can it be really “swingy”, how can I stylistically make my singing “read” as jazz and not “jazzy”. How do I talk to the band when I go to sit in so I can tell them in a few seconds exactly how I want the song played? If you don’t know these things, you might not come off as a jazz singer or even you may not be able to work, in the cases of some skills. So there will be one video per week supplemental skills for jazz singer students in addition to their normal sessions. Of course, we will review the skills in class, but the lecture part of the style stuff we can often do in video form so we can concentrate on the feedback part in the in-person or Skype lesson. There are 12 30-minute videos (which may be broken down into smaller units) available to Semester Jazz Studies clients.

So these things are available to Semester clients. Right now, we are building the program so I am building the video courses around the needs of the semester students. The supplemental material is not available to non-semester clients right now – we may make it available at a later date but not right now as we are building the program. I want to be committed to the long term students. Short term clients are terrific and it’s super fun to get to work with them and do some fixing of problems so they can go forward – or maybe they are just recreational singers having a fun time which is super fun, too. But long-term clients are going to go out there and put my name on their resumes and so forth. So I want to gear things toward their long-term success.

To sign up for Semester Studies – simply go to the online scheduler (go to the BOOK NOW button at the top of this page) and sign up for either SEMESTER STUDIES, if we got our stuff together to get it listed, or else the 12 lessons over 14 weeks and plan to start 24 August or into as far as mid-Sept. Your sessions must be done by the Wednesday prior to the recital (Wed the 14th of December).

Thanks for reading and I hope I get to work with you in this new kinda course!