Best Vocal Coach NYC

So apparently people are Googling to find out the best vocal coach in NYC.  I don’t have an answer for you but the best vocal coach is probably going to be a case of individual preference, especially the best one in NYC.  I mean, there are a LOT of vocal coached in NYC so ranking them from the worst to the best vocal coach in NYC seems like it’d be impossible!

Finding the Best Vocal Coach in NYC —- for YOU

The best vocal coach for you is going to be someone who makes you feel safe enough to experiment but also provides you with insights into your vocals and some ways to act on those insights.

For some people, the best vocal coach location is going to go into the The Best calculus.  I kinda think if you want really the best coaching you can find, you might hafta go outside your area a bit, but that’s just me.  For some people, The Best means close!

The best experience with vocal coaching might also include a performance opportunity like a recital or even a casual karaoke night.  I mean, you’re looking for the best instruction, but you wanna use those chops you got in the vocal coaching, right?  Right!

The best learning rate for the amount of money and time you put in might be another consideration when doing the The Best Vocal Coach math.  Some people are just naturally talented at teaching and it shows.  Others might have that same talent but also have a gazillion years of experience learning what works and what doesn’t with people.  Or finding ways to explain stuff if the first way doesn’t work out.  In my experiene, there is no The Best way to explain a certain thing.  I mean, you can stremline it to what works for the majority of people, but these are private vocal coaching sessions so it should be tailored to the person you’re teaching.  So The Best Vocal Coaching is going to change depending on the learning style of the person, comfort level, and stuff like that.

For some people, the best vocal coaching might mean the vocal coaching studio with the most commerially-successful results.  It’s funny but if this is your The Best priority, you need to be aware of how vocal coaches in NYC market themselves and talk about their clientele.  One way that is used a lot is to use the results of a famous vocal coach that invented the method of teaching.  So like if I paid that coach $10K/year then I might say like “over 30 GRAMMYs”, but really those would be the students of the guys who invented the method and not the techer you’d end up seeing.  Another thing to be aware of is that sometimes, unethically, people claim a client they saw once.  I mean, sometimes a famous singer is shopping around for vocal caoches – I mean, there are a lot in NYC, right? – and they take one or two lessons to try it out and then don’t go forward.  Many unscrupulous vocal coaches, even in the NYC market, will advertise the accomplishments of that client even though they only took a lesson or two.  BTW, I think that’s kinda crappy so all the accomplishments I post on my students and former students are from clients who signed up for longer-term study.

Anyway, those are some of the ins and outs of finding The Best Vocal Coach In NYC!  Hahahahhaha!  I hope it was helpful and gave you some insight into what to look for when shopping around.