Skype ID: NYC Singing Lessons


Online singing lessons are available through Skype and other online platforms!

For your Skype online Voice or Singing Lessons, you will need:

  • A laptop or a desktop computer with a video camera and microphone

You may need (if your computer is not too recent):

  • an external microphone and/or video camera (we can figured out if you need these at your free test call which usually lasts no longer than 10 minutes)

Terms: your first Skype voice or singing lesson comes with a money-back guarantee if it’s just not working out for you with the platform. You’ll be asked how you feel about the session about halfway through to see if it’s a good fit for you! Also, we will do a no-charge test call to make sure you have a good setup for your online voice lesson. You will also not be charged for technical problems from the technology including bad connections, outrages, equipment failure, etc in excess of 5 minutes. The same terms as are applicable to all voice lessons are in effect for Skype voice and singing lessons as well; a 72 hour cancellation policy for singly bought singing and voice lessons. Other lessons, such as singing or voice lessons that are a part of a package, have different cancellations policies, see the studio policies** for more information about your online singing and voice lessons package.  With less notice, credit is lost. Once a Skype or online voice or singing lesson is paid, it must be taken or made up if cancelled with enough notice – no refunds, sorry. Already blew the dinero on wine, women, and song!  Well, wine and song, anyway…

To book an online or Skype singing/voice lesson or coaching session in on Skype, please email (Eleonor-dot-England AT gmail (com) – remove the dashes and replace AT with @).




eleonor.england @ gmail-dot-com