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Out of all the studios we tried a month of here and there, Singing Lessons for Kids NYC is the very best.

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Singing Lessons NYC for Kids

Singing Lessons NYC for Kids

500 8th Ave New York, NY 10018

A subsidiary of Singing Lessons NYC

Here at Singing Lessons NYC, our entire program is geared toward kids. Our students study with industry professionals who are great for shy beginner singers and soon-to-be-divas alike! And our voice teachers are ALL kid-positive and full of energy to match your kid’s enthusiasm!

What makes Singing Lessons NYC (for Kids!) Different?

Singing Lessons NYC (for Kids!) is the pilot kids program of Singing Lessons NYC by Eleonor England.  Eleonor designs the curriculum and bring 20 years of teaching experience to make a program that is great for kids and their parents.  Everything from scheduling (same time each week scheduling available for easy-to-remember appointment times) to the curriculum (which is specially tailored for the needs of kids from age 9-18 – it’s all been developed with kids in mind.  Ellie’s kids program has gotten kids into TV shows and performing arts high schools and university- and conservatory-level programs throughout the US including:
  • Coronado School of the Arts (high school)
  • Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of the Arts (high school)
  • The Voice (TV)
  • American Idol (TV)
  • Berklee School of Music (Conservatory)
  • Manhattan School of Music (Conservatory)
  • New England School of Music (Conservatory)
  • more
Ellie’s associates are specially trained to teach her methods and help kids grow into the awesome singers and people they were always meant to be.  And all of our associates are background checked so you can feel confident.

What’s a Good Starting Point for Kid Singers?

For kids, these elements are really important to make good progress:

  • A patient, kind, and positive teacher
  • Positive reinforcement teaching methods (sometimes people think “tough love” works for singers but it just makes them tense up and this is especially true for kids)
  • Consistent weekly lessons
  • Practice outside of class

We hire and train our staff with the first two of these in mind.

Of course we know that consistent scheduling is super important for parents and kids.  That’s why we have a month-to-month program of 25- or 50-minute sessions at the same time each week.

We also offer single sessions, but this monthly package averages 4 lessons per month and you will see the same teacher (unless they are sick or out that day, then we’ll substitute one in for you). Our monthly enrollment program results in good progress because of the consistency.

Booking This Package

This package comes in 50- or 100-min increments. You can email or call Hazel to find out what timeslots we have open.



How Should I Prepare My Kid for Their First Lesson?

Hazel from our studio will contact you a day or two ahead of your lesson and send you the room number and how to get to the room for your lesson.  Your kid should have a song memorized that they love singing.  We will use that to learn some initial singing techniques.

One of the most important things for kids is to work on a song for more than one session.  This is a great way for them to not only gain skill at that song, but learn to stay with projects and develop overall skill needed to sing other songs.

It’s good to have a list of sings your kid likes because in addition to the song they work on in the first lesson, they will be working on other songs in various states of completion, so the one song isn’t too boring for them and so they learn skills needed at each stage of song development.

About Our Founder

Eleonor England started Singing Lessons NYC after nearly 2 decades of teaching privately with clients places on majour TV shows such as American Idol and The Voice as well as nominations and wins at the GRAMMYs, Chinese Music Awards, etc. She started Singing Lessons NYC (for Kids!) in order to fill a hole and provide better singing lessons tailored just for kids.

That’s why she started this specialized kids studio – Singing Lessons NYC for Kids – where kids could have access to teachers who were some of the best in their field who were trained by Ellie to meet the specific needs of kids.

If your kid loves to sing but needs guidance and help, or if you are looking for singing lessons for kids in NYC, you are in the right place! We hope you try a session and let us help your kid get started in singing, whether they have personal goals or the goal of someday going pro!

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