Student Quotes

“You’ve done more for me in one lesson than all three of my previous teachers the whole time I was studying with them.”
– Martin L, singer/songwriter 2007

“After just one lesson with Ellie, I had a stronger, more beautiful voice…I learned more about my voice than most of my other teachers taught combined.”
-Matt D via Yelp (link) 2011

“Eleonor England is a Master Voice Teacher.”
-Eileen T, who is an actual “Master Teacher” of Alexander Technique (it’s a Real Thing!) on Yelp (link) 2013

“She works with individuals where they’re at with what they need…Bonus points for her sense of humor.”
-Graeson H on Yelp (link) 2012

“Ellie is by far the best voice teacher that I had! She is very helpful and really knows how to teach. She has techniques that you would learn only from her.”
-K.C., American Idol audition winner via Yelp (link) 2013

“Eleonor has a unique way of teaching inside and well outside of the box. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their singing to a whole new level.”
-Steve B. on Yelp (link) 2012

“…Top shelf talent through and through. As a freelance session drummer I encounter many vocalists. When I ask them of their origins and influences and the name “Eleonor England” comes up I know that their performance will be astounding, and so far I’ve never been let down! “
-Billy R, grammy-awarded drummer via Yelp (link) 2015

“I really enjoyed working with you– I learned more in that one hour than I learned the whole time I was with my other instructor.”
– Randy R. 2008

“Eleonor is the best vocal coach I have had. I have been a student of hers for the past 2 almost 3 years and have improved dramatically! She teaches you techniques that no one has ever taught me and no one probably even knows about.”
-Brittany S (“Monty”) on Yelp (link) 2014

“I’m so lucky I met you!”
– Prudence Liew, multi-platinum artist (link) 2010 Prudence took from me in SF in 2007/08 in preparation for her sold-out shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum

“Taking lessons from Ellie was the smartest musical investment that I’ve made in years.”
– Charlie I via Facebook 2012

“Eleonor England is truly fantastic at embracing the weird and working with you on your own agenda.”
– Corey F via Metafilter (link) 2012

“I never thought I would make it this far. I’m not re-enrolling like I thought I would because I accomplished more than I set out to do a lot faster than I thought was possible – I sing on pitch, I feel confident and I feel like I can go join a great choir now or play out if I want and I never thought I’d be able to do that.”
-Brad F. (came in with “tone deafness”)

“Most coaches just weren’t that effective for me. That is, until I went to Eleonor England.
From the first time I met Ellie, I could tell she was a different kind of coach. Within a few minutes of our first meeting, as I was telling her about myself, she stopped me and had me do some unique breathing and visualization exercises. Then about 3-5 minutes into following her instructions, she told me to sing. Whoa. There was a noticeable improvement in my tone and an ease in performance.” -Charlie via Yelp (link) 2015

“My boyfriend and I have been coming to Ellie for about three years on and off. She’s always been incredibly supportive and we are always really excited about our lessons. Each class is a step forward and we always feel like we’ve worked hard and have more to work on, and most importantly that we make progress every week. She has really helped me find a voice I’m happy with and to keep working on the belty rock sound I really want. We’re writing our own songs, singing in public venues and excited about the future of our singing career and it’s all been because of her support.
[She] continues to research and study her field so there’s so much to learn from her. At the same time, she’s such a kind, welcoming and funny person that we’ve come to regard her as a wonderful friend too!”
-Katharyne S. via Yelp (link) 2014

“I can’t believe the improvement in my voice in just three weeks. I had no idea I could hit those high notes.”
-Chardre L


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