I-Pop Singing Lessons NYC with Instructor & Vocal Coach Ellie

I offer I-Pop singing lessons in NYC. I-Pop is an amazing style of pop music popular in India and in Indian-American areas of the US such as NYC and other areas. It’s really fun to work with clients in Ipop because it uses a lot of the same techniques as K-Pop, C-Pop and US Pop but uses the amazing Indian raga which is such a stunning musical style. I-Pop is an incredible marriage of Pop and Indian Classical and folk music which has a long and rich history of vocal mastery, much of which is necessary to do I-Pop.

Ellie’s Singing Lessons NYC Indian and I-Pop singing lessons clients have gone on to record cds, be feaatured in music festivals, and do Bollywood films and films in Canada.

We’re working to get some videos up from some of my I-Pop singing lessons students, but we do have some other pop eamples up, like this video from Kate Kim who shows off some cool “mix” tone (belting) and whistle register work which are the kind of techniques that I work with my I-Pop singing lessons clients on: