Piano Lessons NYC for Singers

Ellie teaches piano lessons in NYC for singers using “jazz” style chord reading and improvisation. This is different from classical piano in that “classical” focuses on reading the exact transcription of “dots on paper” notation whereas “jazz” stretegy is a little note reading but more a focus on chord notation and music theory so that you kinda make it up as you go along.

I put classcial and jazz in quotes because although these style of notation originate in jazz and classcial, they are used in many styles of music, especially jazz notation.

I also think it’s important to learn pieces that are in the style that you guys wanna play in.  So like pop, jazz, blues, etc.

Although the piano lessons are “for singers”, really they are also for other people who want to get better at piano or learn to play.  IMO, jazz notation is much easier for entry-level people to play than classcial notation.

If you want a hyrid lesson of piano and voice, choose “Voice lesson” from the online scheduler menu.  The piano lessons are meant to focus on piano skills only and are discounted lower than the cost of singing lessons to help some of my pro-track clients develope the skills they need aside from singing great.

By the end of 10 lessons, you’ll know how to construct chords and have a better understanding of music theory without just taking pure music theory.  Playing is fun but it also teaches you theory when you study in the jazz style.

I hope you guys come in for the piano lessons cause they are super important to your progress as a singer but also playing piano can be really fun.  And with the jazz notation, it’s less stressful and there are fewer obstacles to picking it up.