Piano Lessons NYC by Eleonor England

SLNYC is proud to announce Piano Lessons NYC!!!!  Yes, that’s right –  we now offer piano lessons in NYC and online.  Piano lessons are great for those wanting to round out their skills to go pro!

Piano Lessons NYC features associate piano instructors with 10+ yrs playing and teaching experience.  We’ll get your piano on in a positive learning environment.  Piano Lessons NYC offers 25 min and 50 min piano lessons in NYC at our midtown location.

  • 25 min piano lesson $52.50
  • 50 min Piano lesson $105

Piano is one of the best instruments to play and is useful in many ways!  Firstly, it helps you understand the structure of music – aka: music theory and songwriting!  Secondly, it’s an excellent instrument to learn to be able to use DAW (Digital Audio Workstations).  DAW’s are programs where you can program in whatever instrument sounds you want.  You can even do a whole band or orchestra using just the keyboard.  Thirdly, piano is also an expressive instrument in and of itself.  In fact, right now piano is the most popular instrument in pop and rock music.

Our instructors will guide you through your beginning or intermediate piano journey using positive reinforcement.  As a result, you’ll learn better and feel better about the piano and life!

Ellie recommends learning either piano or guitar for all singers.  Playing one of these instruments, you can make creative arrangements of cover songs for your YouTube channel.  As a result of having a Youtube channel, a lot of our clients were scouted.   Labels and TV talent contests such as American Idol and Superstar K do some of their scouting online!

What Do I Need to Start Piano Lessons? 

Firstly, you will need you.  Secondly, you’ll need a keyboard.  If you do not have one and want to get one, come in for a lesson to talk to the instructor about which one you might get.  It’s usually best to start with an inexpensive keyboard when you’re trying it out at first.  If you do not have a keyboard, you can rent space in a practice room and do it that way, too. Ask your instructor about that!

Do I need to read music?  

 We do not teach classical at Piano Lessons NYC, so you will be learning to read pop/jazz notation which is a little different.  Therefore, you’ll still learn notes and stuff but you don’t need to know any going in!

What age are the lessons good for?  

Most kids need a 25 minute piano session.  After age 12 some might want to do a 50 minute session.  We have students as young as 5

Signup for Piano Lessons NYC today by emailing us for details.