Singing Lessons NYC (Beginners)

Singing lessons NYC has a program for beginners – Singing Lessons NYC Beginners, of course1. Singing Lessons NYC Beginner is a different program than those for the seasoned vocalist.

Many Singing Lessons NYC beginner clients tell me how terrified they were to start singing lessons. It’s kinda testament to how awesome singing is that – even though it’s terrifying for a lot of people – people still want to start beginning voice lessons.  I totally respect the courage it takes to try something new – and to try something as personal as singing lessons in front of a total stranger!  If you’re gonna have the courage to come in, I’m going to do my best to make it a fun and non-threateing experience where you get better at what you obviuosly love to do.

A lot of Singing Lessons NYC Beginners client who might not have professional goals get pretty intimidated because of all the awards and stuff of Singing Lessons NYC pro clients – which is why I made Singing Lessons NYC Beginner.  Beginners are super fun to work with and it’s always fun to discover singing and music with beginning singers – be they in NYC, online or elsewhere.  If Singing Lessons NYC Beginners clients wanna eventually go pro, that’s a great goal!  But if they simply wanna have a fun time doing something that makes them feel good — that’s maybe the purest of motives.

Pitch problems are a common thing in the Singing Lessons NYC Beginner program and are usually Nothing To Worry About. Pitch (“singing in tune”) is generally improved through the process of normal vocal training although in certain cases pitch training can be necessary and I have special exercises and techniques for that.  Many Singing Lessons NYC Beginners clients come in thinking they are “tone deaf” – which no one has ever been because truly tone deaf people typically don’t love to sing.  Check out my essay on tonedeafness – The Tone Deaf Test

Potential Singing Lessons NYC Beginners clients are encouraged to come in for one lesson and see if it’s a good scene for them.  Singing is super scary for a lot of beginners so one lesson is maybe slightly less terrifying and it gives us a chance to build a safe environment for what is, for a lot of people, a very intimate process. If it seems like a good fit for them, it is most helpful for them to take at least 12 lessons to gain some skills and confidence. Coming regularly is important to the Singing Lessons NYC Beginners program because it’s only through regularly repeated exposure to the techniques that real changes in sound and confidence are made.

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to be the first voice teacher for a singer in this program and it gives me an opportunity to set up the basics in a really solid way. Beginners, although they typically perceive that some teachers will not work with them because of their inexperience, are (in MY opinion , anyway) one of the easiest groups to work with because they often lack bad habits and because you do not have to undo any problems that are sometimes caused by some types of voice training. I love beginners and that why I created the Singing Lessons NYC Beginners program – to encourage this fun type of client to come in and see it’s not super scary but is fun and works to gain skill and confidence.  Beginner are always welcome at Singing Lessons NYC.