Singing Lessons NYC: 9 Places in NYC to Practice or Teach in the City

Hey guys!

I compiled this list of rehearsal spaces and piano practice rooms for NYC that can accomodate singing and non-amplified music.  “Piano room” or “rehearsal space for acoustic music” kindsa situtions.  I’ll add to these as I learn about more, but this is for my students and colleagues so they can find places.

I know nobody likes to show up to NYC from out of town to teach or rehearse and there is a heavy metal drummer in the next room or the piano hasn’t been tuned in 14 years.  I think I still have PTSD from trying to find space in Los Angeles and Hollywood.  FML.  Anyway – here are some professional studio spaces and piano practice rooms where you can teach, practice, or rehearse acoustic music.



Ripley Grier facility at 520 8th Ave – large studio


Ripley Grier ——-> (review)









244 Rehearsal where all pianos are grands


244 Rehearsal Studios ——> (review)









Shelter piano room – they have lovely larger spaces


Shelter Studios ——>(review)







Michiko – they are set up for jazz rehearsal


Michiko Studios ——>(review)









Typical OA piano. Excellent instruments.


Opera America ——>(review)








This is the only Pearl image I could find. Looks nice.

Pearl Studios ——>(review)








150 looks functional and instruments look nice.


Studios 150 ——>(review)








A larger rehearsal space at NOLA.


NOLA Studios ——>(review)








Who wouldn’t wanna play at this Blyn space? No one!


Art New York ——>(review)








BONUS: Kaufman Cultural Center has piano practice rooms in the upper west.  According to their site, the spaces are at 129 W 67th Street New York, NY 10023.  There are no pictures of the practice spaces though, but rental for a piano practice room with an upright is $17 as of this writing (Jan 2018).  If you use them and wanna send me an image, please do so and we can bump them up to Non-BONUS.  Exciting!



Well that’s all I got at this point but I will add to this list when I get new info!  Happy rehearsing in your piano practice room!


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