Meet Ellie

Hey guys!  Ellie here.


I have been involved in music since I was practically a sperm.  Okay maybe not that far back, but let’s just say “very” far back.  When I was a toddler, I had the advantage of having a piano in our house and I was so into that thing!  Until they got me piano lessons which can really take the love of piano right outta ya!  I got back to it around age 10 and taught myself to read music and play.  Around that time, I started voice training, as well.

By the end of high school, I’d studied opera singing.  I’d also taught myself string bass and a few other instruments and studied music theory pretty hard.  My first job was actually as a singer in high school when I used to get booked for parties, singing at Nordstroms, stuff like that,  It was fun!  At that time, I started taking voice students just as people would come up and ask me to give them lessons.  It was pretty casual but I loved doing it so much!

Fast forward to 2000 when I made the change to do jazz which had always been an interest of mine.  I had been working as a model during a long illness (“hmmmm, I’m emaciated, have no energy, and am super sick — but I need to pay the rent; what can I do?  Oh I know!  I’ll be a model!”).  I started teaching in a more organized way at that time, too, and started this voice studio – wow that was like 18 years ago!  CuRAYzeee!

As a performer, I’ve done jazz since then pretty much exclusively although my students are mostly rockers or poppers (is that a word?).  I lived in San Francisco and sang at a lot of the major venues there (including many rock venues) – some of which are now closed unfortunately – including the Elbo Room, Broadway Studios, the Black Cat, Bruno’s, Rassela’s, etc.  I play in Europe sometimes – Amsterdam is my home base there and I have sang anything from private events to venues.  I work teaching music to rockers out there when I go to AMS, too.  In France, I was named one of the “best of the best” in jazz voice by French jazz critic M. deLafayette.

I recently moved to NYC to do more in my singing and teaching and it’s been really fun getting to work with all the NY people.  I have two great things in my life that I love to do.  One is singing and the other is teaching.  I really love people and our human condition is something that makes me feel really connected to people – our struggles and hopes and dreams.  I just love it.

So if you feel like it, make an appointment for a lesson and come tell me your dreams.  Let’s get you started to make that happen – I will be invested in it if you are because it is exciting to get to be a part of someone’s dreams, whether those dreams are professional or personal.







Singing Lessons NYC
520 8th Ave New York, NY 10018
tel:(212) 736-3118