Manhattan Jazz Singing Classes

Midtown Manhattan Jazz Singing Classes and Private Jazz Coaching

Learn the fundamentals of jazz in jazz Singing Lessons in Manhattan, meet other people to go sit in places, learn to communicate with a band, scat and improvise, and go on field trips in this fun group class for beginners and intermediate singers. (Please note private lessons are also available in jazz singing!)  Next series starts in September – email Ellie to get on the list – space is limited.


Meets Sundays 10a-12p at Ripley Grier

  • 1st timers pay $175/4 sessions on Sundays.  Renewals are $185/4 sessions
  • $50 special sessions on Sundays for those with 4 classes under their belts to sit in with real jazz musicians
  • Field trips arranged to go sit in at a club or restaurant – free, but bring drink money and $5-10 in tip money for the instrumentalist(s)


Topics include:

  • What makes singing read as jazz
  • Making scatting less terrifying
  • How to tell a band you’ve never met how to play your tune in under 10 seconds
  • Breathing and breath support exercises plus warm ups
  • Improvisation exercises
  • What materials and information you need to be pro
  • New unusual standard to learn every week
  • Learn what keys you sing in


To sign up, email Ellie through the contact page