Online Singing Lessons

Online Singing Lessons are really good for building basic singing skills in a private online lesson.

Here at SLNYC we were one of the first studios to offer video online singing lessons via Skype starting way back in 2008 – that’s 12 years experience with online singing lessons.

These days online singing lessons are much more evolved than they were back in the day with better apps and connectivity for a more fluid experience.

The bonuses to online singing lessons vs in person are:

  • No commute!
  • No exposure to germs such as corona virus CoVid-19 during the lock down
  • You don’t have to haul your cookies to NYC or CA if you do online singing lessons
  • You can get a recording of your lesson to use to practice with through the week
  • NYC expertise in your livingroom!
  • Online singing lessons help you sing on key better than in person ones do!
  • Save money in transportation leaves you money to take lessons with a better teacher!

Online Singing Lessons Setup

We will send you out a sheet telling you how to set your home up for online singing lessons. But the cliff notes for online lessons is to have a well-lighted place without backlighting on you. You should be able to stand up for your lesson and for online voice lessons we need to be able to see you from about your hips to the crown of your head so you’ll need to have headphones with either a very long cable to allow you to stand back from the video camera or else wireless headphones or earbuds.

For the online singing lessons, we use Zoom. We will send you out a link and you just click on it and you are in your online lesson!

We did used to use Skype for the online lessons, but it became kinda unreliable. And using Zoom is really super easy and reliable for online singing lessons.

Signing Up for Online Singing Lessons

Signup for online singing lessons is easy – just click on Book Now or give us a call, email, or text message and we will get you setup! We also provide a test call using Zoom before your lesson so we can trouble shoot any issues before your online lesson.

Our Online Singing Lessons Guarantee

We guarantee you will like your online singing lessons. If you do not learn adequately at your first lesson, we will refund your money for the lesson. Also, if there are any technical issue sthat take more than a minute or two to resolve, you’ll be credited with that time and your lesson extended to makeup for it or else you’ll get a longer online singing lessons next time.