Hollywood Singing Lessons

Singing and Voice Lessons in Hollywood, Los Angeles

Ellie taught in Hollywood for many years on a weekly basis out of Hollywood and Vine at the AFM 47 Musician’s Union Building and now works in Hollywood a few times a year.  She takes her Hollywood clients the rest of the year via Skype, Facetime, Oovoo, etc.  Ellie works with actors who may be beginners at singing, as well as with professional voice users such s singers.  Motivated beginners are also welcome.  Ellie’s clients – some professional at the time of lesson and some becoming professional afterwards – have gone on AFTER taking with her to achieve the following in Hollywood  (Los Angeles) and related entertainment industries internationally:

Wins/Nominations/Hollywood Industry/Related Industry Internationally – subsequent to taking with Ellie

Ellie can consolidate information in a very streamlined and efficient way that is easy to grasp.  Of course practice is still necessary between sessions, but in the music and film industry, we are used to that.  Quickly finding out what to practice is key to gain proficiency for upcoming projects to stay on schedule.  For most clients, publicizing their work with Ellie is a good thing for all, but there are situations where some celebrity clients may need discretion and that can be arranged, if needed – please ask.

Ellie is spending a lot of time in NYC these days, but is in Hollywood twice yearly and available on Skype between.  Scheduling is available through the online scheduler (times given are in Eastern time so be sure to schedule the session for 3 hrs LATER than the time you need in Los Angeles).

Lessons are given in English only, but translators are – of course – welcome.