Gospel Vocal Coach NYC

I work as a Gospel vocal coach in NYC for beginning through professional singers. Gospel and the related genres of Blues, jazz, R&B, and soul are really some of my favourite types of music. I remember being a kid and listening to Mahalia Jackson and just being awestruck. Gospel is such a purely American music and carries such a soulful and honest emotional connection, but also a high level of skill and technical ability.

As a kid, I did a lot of my study in secular and especially in church choirs and I sang in the Martin Luther King Choir in San Diego at the San Diego Symphony for several seasons.  In addition, I have done gospel vocal coaching and lessons for gospel choirs and their members in the African American Gospel style in San Diego and San Francisco and have worked on auditions for audition-only choirs in the Gospel, Pop/R&B/Soul, and Jazz genres in San Francisco, San Diego, Holllywood, and NYC.  We have an audition success rate of 100% for choirs and school auditions for the last 5 years.  Over the course of the 18 years of coaching, my clients have a 96% rate of passing their school and choral auditions for long-term clients* (we missed 2 NYU auditions in like 2007/08 but they did get into their second-choice schools).  For choral auditions, we have a 100% acceptance rate for clients with at least 13 lessons with Ellie since 2000 when the studio opened.

If you’re looking for a Gospel vocal coaching in NYC or online, you should try a first lesson to make sure it’s a good fit for us, but I would really love to have the chance to meet you and work with you toward your goals in this genre.  Just let me know where you wanna go with this and I will do everything I can to get you there.  <3


*Long-term clients meaning 1 year of study with Ellie.


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