Dr Lars

Ellie here! I wanna tell you about the newest teacher at Singing Lessons NYC, Dr Lars Woodul. Lars got his PhD in vocal performance at SUNY Stony Brook and has been teaching voice for over 25 years. Lars has also studied and continues to study Alexander Technique, as well as studying Viewpoints® training under director Anne Bogart with SITI Studios. The upshot is that Lars really knows his stuff and is on a lifelong journey of learning which I really admire. I’ve watched Lars work and he is warm, compassionate, and gets amazing results. I felt really lucky to get to hire him because he’s taught undergrads and graduates at Montclair and Wagner colleges and could be teaching at conservatories and university music schools but he’s decided to work with us instead!! (Yessssss! Doing my happy dance!) Lars is great with kids as well as adults and has taught vocal music in elementary and secondary schools while working on his PhD. Lars is good-natured and has worked a lot with CCM singers (“CCM” means “contemporary commercial music” and is voice teacher slang for non-classical singing including Pop, Rock, R&B, Jazz, Blues, etc). He’s also excellent with people who want to sing classical and has taught a lot of liturgical and opera singers in addition to CCM. Lars successfully went through the vocal pedagogy curriculum (vocal pedagogy is the study of teaching singing) with the New York Singing Teachers Association Professional Development Program which includes heavy study of the physiology of singing and the physics of sound and he continues to stay current in the science aspect of voice and how to strategically hack your singing to work with physics and not against it. It’s pretty weird but even whether you hold your mouth in a shape where it’s taller than it is wide (or vice versa) can make certain notes easier or harder to sing! Physics, people!!! Physics!!!! I try to hire teachers that I’d want to go to myself and Lars’ mixture of bodywork (Alexander Technique) and the science of singing is something that is super helpful – in fact, I’m going in to take a lesson from him next Saturday 😀 <——— not even kidding. Lars starts with us Sunday afternoons beginning on Sunday 15 December! Book it online here:
  • Single 50 min session with Lars (book now)
  • 10 lessons with Lars (50 min each) – credits good for 1 year – (book now)
. Also avail as a gift certificate, use the same link.