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Singing Lesons NYC testimonial with Kate Kim
Video Review: The brilliant Singing Lessons NYC K-Pop star and Superstar K contestant Kate Kim.  We were her first (and only) singing teacher before she was signed by a K-Pop label and moved to South Korea


A lot of our clients sing Kpop or Cpop either in China and Korea professionally or else recreationally from wherever they live.  Our past clients have played sold out shows at the HK Coliseum, been featured on Superstar K, and won runner up in Super Idol in Taipei.  We know what it takes to develop the big, belty voices used in KPop and Cpop! For people who already speak or understand Korean or Chinese (we do Mando-pop as well as Canto-pop), the process is pretty straight-forward and we work with backing tracks to the Korean or Chinese pop songs. If you don’t speak Chinese or Korean, we will teach you the sounds to the lyrics to help you with the language pronunciation in addition to technique teachers to give you the vocal techniques that you’ll need to use for the style of song. Once in a while, people need to learn an English pop song or two before they can go on to the CPop or KPop tunes.  This is because some people sing on key more naturally and other people need to learn to sing on key before they can get help with our coaches. We have a CPop and KPop package available for $1400 for 10 lessons.  This might include coaching in the language if needed, singing technique lessons with one or more of our teachers, and vocal coaching on how you deliver the song – whatever is needed to help get you to your goals.

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