Singing Lessons San Diego

Singing Lesons NYC testimonial with Kate Kim

The brilliant Singing Lessons NYC K-Pop star and Superstar K contestant Kate Kim.  Ellie was her first (and only) singing teacher in SF before she was signed by a K-Pop label and moved to South Korea

Hey guys!  Ellie here!  Thanks so much for clicking through to my website!

I really love the teaching aspect of musicianing and getting to work with people.  It’s like you get to discover singing all over again and it’s incredibly energizing.  Although I still perform (and love it), I always was strongly drawn to teaching as well and my life would not be as rich or fun without it.

I take beginners through pro and people with goals anywhere from super super personal to professional.  The variety makes it really fun for me.  Check out the page I made for my pro and amateur clients’ recent achievements (including a recent GRAMMY nod!) if you’re into that sort of thing.  If it seems like it might be a good fit for you, schedule a first voice lesson to come in and just see how it is for you and then we can talk longer term study if it’s a good working situation.  One-offs are totally cool, too, if you’re on tour or in town for a bit.

In the meantime, here’s a vid testimonial from the very kind and brilliant Kate Kim, a former client who came in with pro goals and now is living the dream in Seoul!  #KillingIt!