Trans/NB/GNC Voice Program

Our Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming program is headed by the Amazing Dr Felix (he/him), who is a trans masc vocal educator with a performance undergraduate degree, a Masters in Music Education, and two degrees from Columbia: a Masters and a Doctorate – both in teaching voice.  He is a current researcher in Trans/NB/GNC voice and has many published papers on trans singers as well as the effects of hormones on the body, both in the aging AFAB voice, effects of puberty hormones on AMAB voice, and in trans singers with and without HRT (spoiler alert: puberty AMAB/mature AFAB situations are radically different and require a different approach than trans with HRT)

Dr Felix has limited spots because he is churning out original research and conducts a gender-diverse choir, TRANScend in NYC.

Working closely with Dr Felix is Ellie’s associate teacher Josaphat Contreras (he/him).  SLNYC certified him to teach Trans/NB/GNC voice.  He has an undergraduate degree in vocal performance as well as a Master from the innovative vocal pedagogy program at New England Conservatory of Music.

Our Trans program teachers meet biweekly to go over new developments in trans voice and to collaborate on currently-enrolled trans/NB/GNC clients.

We are very serious about trans voice and this is the most well-credentialed and intensive trans voice training program that I know about for singing voice.  We are receptive to feedback on our program if we can do anything else to meet the needs of the trans/nb/gnc communities.



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