Trans/Enby Voice Program

Dr Felix Graham EdD (he/him), head of our trans department.

We have one of NYC largest and most successful trans/enby voice departments in NYC, headed by Dr Felix Graham.  Dr Graham is trans masc and directs the program and has a bachelors, then a masters in music pedagogy (teaching music), and both a Masters and Doctorate in vocal pedagogy from Columbia.  He’s also an active and respected researcher in the field of hormonal effects on the voice, voice and identity, vocal injuries, and trans/enby issues in voice training.

Other things to know about Dr F: he directs the world first classical trans/enby vocal ensemble called TRANScend which was born out of a choir

He provides training and mentorship to our trans voice teachers as well as oversees our vocal injuries at the studio and now sings for sold-out audiences at festivals, pride events, venues, and even nightclubs where they perform sacred music from trans/enby composers in the past as well as original sacred pieces written and arranged by Dr F himself.


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with Dr F Wednesdays as available

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Jae Carelli (she/they)

Jae (she/them) is our amazing new teacher in the trans voice department.  Jae is in process of their Masters in vocal pedagogy but comes to us with a decade of teaching experience.  Jae is a very approachable and able to connect with their students and community and is doing a mentorship with Dr Felix in trans voice.

Jae’s personal experience as an enby singer, as well as their experience having a trans sister, informs their approach with our trans and enby clients.

One thing Jae says they can never forget is something their teacher told her: “Teaching is first about empathy”.  And that sums up Jae’s approach in a really beautiful way.

Jae is working with Dr Felix to become certified in trans voice with our studio.



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