Songwriters/Production Workshop with David Lin

We have not only singing lessons to get your voice on track but also a group songwriting / production workshop every week online with David Lin on Saturdays (1p Eastern / 10a Pacific).

The cost is $195/mo with weekly meetings but in August, your first month is half off (so you pay $97.50 for the whole month).  You can also get in for free to any of Dr Felix’s 90 min 1-off group classes. The class hangs out on our Discord server where you can post your work, share experiences, chat with other songwriters and producers, and post funny music memes.  It’s like Facebook, only it doesn’t suck.  😀

David Lin leads the class – he has many songs places on TV internationally. Songs he produced on his Mac using Logic Pro X. He’s a production and songwriting guru and can show you the ropes!

Every week, you’ll hear new work by the songwriters and producers in your class and everyone talks about how the song makes them feel, some points that made that happen, and how to take what you want the song/piece to be and run with it.  Pieces can be finished, just a buncha lyrics, or anywhere in between!

Most people in the class have completed our Songwriting I and/or Songwriting II classes and/or our Production I class, but the workshop is less about doing things “right” and more about honing your skills and journeying down your own road of songwriting and/or production.  You can ask for any type of feedback you like including just getting David’s impressions, just getting The classes impressions, getting feedback just on the lyrics, or getting feedback on the whole thing!

  • Sign up now – Saturday 10a Pacific / 1p Eastern