Spoken Voice

Spoken voice – including speech giving, acting, and professional voice for marketing, attorneys, etc – uses many of the same techniques as singing and is something we work with here at the studio.   Ellie also works with accent reduction and the Standard American Accent.

Ellie’s worked with attorneys, CEO’s, lecturers, actors, rappers, and even those with just issues with their spoken voice on the day to day basis.  In fact, it’s good to use speaking to try out new techniques with singing and singing to try out techniques with speaking so the training is very similar.

Past corporate and speaking clients include:

  • NAMM (National Association of Music Merhants)
  • Funky Door Yoga, Oakland CA
  • Sierra Club legal department
  • UCSD
  • Various law offices
  • Politicians
  • Phone sales associates
  • Actors
  • Non-American English Speakers for accent reduction
  • Private clients training for job interviews, preparing for speaking engagements, or just trying to get their kids to listen to them!

Working on speaking is really fun and adds a lot of variety to the day.  Clients bring in samples of their presentations or we work extemporaneously on the types of things that they say in a typical day.  Vocal exercises are given as homework and for warming up.

Ellie is great with accent reduction, corporate, and voice for speaking.  Lothair is also a Carnegie-Mellon-trained actor so he can be a big help with voice for acting.