Beginners Program


“I’m not re-enrolling like I thought I would because I accomplished more than I set out to do a lot faster than I thought was possible. I sing in tune now…I never thought I’d be able to do that.”

– Brett C, beginner – 12 lessons

GOAL: “To see if I’m tone deaf”

Left when he was able to sing
a song on key. Joined a choir.

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 Karaoke Night with students
Guillermo and Priscilla.
Halloween 2014

We love beginners.  In fact, 78% of our clients start off as beginners!  Some beginners wanna go pro and some just want to have a fun journey learning to get better because singing is awesome. Whatever level you are starting at – and whatever your ultimate goals are – we respect where you are coming from!

What Will I Learn in the First Private Lesson?

I’m glad you asked!  😀  In the first lesson, we do an analysis of some of the things that might be holding you back and with beginners we teach a special kind of breathing that is used for singing, but we’ll also get you into a song you wanna sing because it’s better to be able to apply the things you learned into a song right away.


What to Bring To Your 1st Beginner Lesson

It’d be a good idea to know the melody (the “tune”) and lyrics of a song that you wanna work on before the session.  If you suck at singing “on key”), just do the best you can and we will work the rest out and get you on track through the voice lessons! There are some special techniques to help sing more in tune.  Just bring your awesome self and we will have everything you need to get started in the lesson for you.  

If you wanna bring a recording device so you can record either the lesson or just the instruction part so you can remember it when you are practicing, that is super helpful for a lot of people.

The very first beginner session is streamlined just for beginners to get a jump start on singing lessons and are custom designed to be easy to access, fast, and get you into singing a song with all new awesome techniques!