Singing Lessons NYC Beginners

Hey Guys!

We work with a lot of beginners!  Maybe 75% of our clients come in as beginners.  Some want to work their singing for enjoyment and some want to work their singing to become professional – any and all types of beginners are totally welcome around here, even those who might have a hard time singing on key at first.

You can take your first lesson with either Ellie or Lothair.  Lothair has some special pricing just for beginners and a lesson plan tailored just to them.  Ellie also works with and loves beginners.

Not a beginner?  Here are the non-beginner options!

Lothair’s Beginners Lessons Specials

To get beginners started on the right foot, Lothair has a package made just for beginners:

Special Beginner Package with Lothair * 

Try the monthly package for 4 weeks and get $20 off on your first month (bringing it to $380 or $95/lesson).  You get:

  • Same time/day each week guaranteed
  • Unlimited Makeups Class for any missed sessions
  • The first lesson in this package is our Beginner First Lesson tailored for absolute beginners
  • You get to really see how the lessons can help you over 5 lessons
  • This is our best deal and what we’d recommend for absolute beginners

It must be your first lesson at this studio. Also, this package is geared toward beginners and only open to beginners.  Not-Beginners options.  To book this package, please email Hazel – Singing.Lessons.NYC(at)Gmail or call us at 212-736-3118.


Ellie’s Beginners Lessons

Our studio head coach Ellie is great with beginners, too!  She works in a more intuitive way with clients and doesn’t have a specified beginner series although she does love working with absolute beginners.  We recommend a 50-minute lesson for most beginners.  If you have some experience, the 100-minute session is fine too, but for beginners, it’s a good idea to start with a 50-minute lesson

Book a first 50-min lesson with Ellie

If you’re certain you want to work with Ellie for a while, we have a 10-lesson package you can get into.

Book a 10-lesson package of 50-minute sessions with Ellie

Ellie also has a package to bring very beginners from their first lesson to build skills and record in a recording studio.  It’s a ton of fun and you get to get a walk through of not only singing techniques but also recording studio techniques.  See Recording Studio Services for more details.

What Will I Learn in the First Lesson?

I’m glad you asked!  😀  In the first lesson, we do an analysis of some of the things that might be holding you back and with beginners we teach a special kind of breathing that is used for singing, but we also get you into a song you wanna sing because it’s better to be able to apply the things you learned into a song right away.  Plus it’s more fun.  😀

What to Bring To Your 1st Beginner Lesson

Hazel from our studio will contact you after you book. It’d be a good idea to nail the melody and lyrics of a song that you wanna work on before the session.  Then you just bring your awesome self and we will have everything you need to get started in the lesson for you.  If you wanna bring a recording device so you can record either the lesson or just the instruction part so you can remember it when you are practicing, that is super helpful for a lot of people. The very first beginner session is streamlined just for beginners to get a jump start on singing lessons and are custom designed to be easy to access, fast, and get you into singing a song with all new awesome techniques!