“You’ve done more for me in one lesson than all three of my previous teachers the whole time I was studying with them.”

– Martin L, rock singer-songwriter

Came in with hoarseness after 1-2 songs
Can now play multiple sets



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We have not only singing lessons to get your voice on track but also a group songwriting / production workshop every week online with David Lin – there’s a Saturday class (1p Eastern / 10a Pacific) and a Sunday class at the same time.  To join, it’s $195/mo with weekly meetings but innJuly, your first month is half off (so you pay $97.50 for the whole month).  You can also get in for free to any if our other weekend group lessons.  Use coupon code HALFOFF and sign up now (Saturday one – Sunday one).

We’ll also be running a group voice class starting in September on weekends!


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