Online 50-Min Voice Lessons Package – 6 Sessions In 8 Weeks

This is a package of 6 50-minute sessions to be taken online using Skype or a similar program.  This series must be completed within 8 weeks of taking the first lesson in the series and is $685. (Book this session)

Discounts You Can Score (Feel Free to Combine Them)


To get Artist discount ($30 off) (can be combined with Check In Discount):

  • Link to us on your website (social media won’t work – it’s gotta be a website) – ask Ellie for details on the link.  It’s not weird.
  • Put your credit card into the system to hold your session time, but select to not have it charged.
  • Then contact Ellie to pay via cash, VenMo (username: eleonor-england) or Paypal Friends and Family – ask Ellie for the credentials to send out to

That’s it!  Done!

8 Weeks To Complete

Credits for this package expire 8 weeks after you take the first lesson in the series.

    • You may record your sessions as long as they don’t end up on BitTorrent or YouTube or something
    • Pamela is an addon for Skype which will enable you to record your session


Ready To Roll? Link to Book This Session


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