Kevin DeLisa

Kevin DeLisa (he/him)

Y’all!  I wanna tell you about the super killer Kevin DeLisa!  He’s a concentrated package of positive energy and super sweet person…and also an amazing teacher!

What I love about Kevin is his whole ambiance of energetic positivity.  What I also love about Kevin is he has both a BM (Bachelor’s of Music) from Ithaca and an Masters from Columbia, both in teaching voice (aka: “Vocal Pedagogy”) which makes him a powerhouse voice teacher, but with a sweet disposition!  Altogether he has 1050+ teacher training hours which is more than any other associate besides Dr Felix.  1050 hours is 21x the number of hours of teacher training compared to the studio which requires the next most hour of teacher training.  In fact, I was contacted by the head of Columbia’s Vocal Pedagogy department out of the blue with a very strong suggestion I hire him.  Which I did (after auditioning him) and it’s been amazing!

Since hiring him in September of 2022, he’s also undergone 1.5 years of pedagogical training here at the studio and I seriously call him a “heavyweight” now cause there’s no other word for it.

Kevin also has taught at Lincoln Center, the American Choral Director’s Association (ACDA) and Boston Sings (BOSS) and is great with ensemble singing as well!

Kevin is a current pop performer playing gigs as a frontman and also producing amazing harmony-filled vocal arrangements for which he’s been formally recognized because of the amazingness of the pieces.  You’ll see a video below of him performing one of these arrangements.

Kevin’s main thing is popular styles including pop, rock, jazz, r&b, etc.

We have a pretty rigourous audition process here at the studio with 3 test students.  We get feedback from the students and in Kevin’s case, it was truly amazing with lots of 9s and 10s out of 10 responses which are pretty rare.  Some of the comments are below:

Focused on what I wanted to improve. And seriously helped me sing a song I’ve been forever trying to learn.

Super friendly! And eager to try lots of things which was really fun and helpful.
When asked about their least favourite thing, one response was:
When it ended.
Hahahahaha!  Way to go, Kevin!
Kevin is available Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays in NYC and online.  See his vid below or go straight to

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Nights/Weekends $125-150 based on income