Josaphat Contreras, super tenor!

Josephat Contreras, tenor (he/his)Specialties: Trans voice, Pop/rock, Spanish-language, being ridiculously awesome


  • Pop and rock music
  • High notes
  • Spanish language
  • Being ridiculously amazing to be around

This is Ellie!! I’m SO excited to introduce you to Josaphat Contreras who kills it!  He teaches voice lessons in English as well as lecciones de canto en español. Josaphat has an amazing presence and I love just being in the room with him is how warm and supportive he is.  I feel very lucky to get to hire him because he’s a pretty majour teacher but also so kind, fun, and boy does he get results!


“Lessons with Josaphat are so fun! He is such a pleasure to be around – his teaching style is really encouraging and also very enlightening. He’s really helped me get out of my own way to achieve a pop belt that I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have someone free you up to see what your voice can do!”



Josaphat is a 1st generation Mexcian American, has a Masters in teaching voice from New England Conservatory and such a laid back and wonderful way about him.  He has 430+ hours of teacher training.  Plus we have a trans voice certification series here at SLNYC and Josaphat is our first certification holder – as such, he works with our trans clients.

I knew I was watching something very special happen at his audition, but I was still really excited to see the survey results from the students.  They gave him 9s and 10s out of 10 on almost every survey question so I knew we had to hire him right away!  That’s almost unheard of!

He also has one of the highest tenor voices I’ve heard – not a counter-tenor but like a real super high tenor voice!  That makes him a good choice for teaching both tenors and voices in people with estrogen dominated bodies, in addition to those with testosterone-dominated bodies.  He can sing right up in the AFAB (assigned female at birth) range to help these voices with pitch problems or demonstrate techniques.

The students also nailed it when they said how approachable and warm he is.  It’s really true.  I just love this dude.  However, he’s realllly serious and passionate about teaching and squeezing the most out of every session, but keeping it fun!

Josaphat performs Opera and Mariachi music and is a current researcher in the field of Mariachi singing.  As of this writing in January 2023, Josaphat just returned from a majour voice conference where he presented his original research in Mariachi. I love that he’s spreading the love for Spanish-language singing, and especially Mexican traditional music.  Most of his clients are pop singers and he kills it at that. His opera is also outstanding. He is fluent in both Spanish and English.

Josaphat is originally from Alief which is an area in and around Houston TX where he got his BA in vocal performance before going on to New England Conservatory for his Masters in teaching singing (“vocal pedagogy”).

What our test clients said that was really awesome, too, was that they felt very safe to try new things and be vulnerable with Josaphat, which is critical to the learning experience – in addition they marked him very highly when asked if they sang better after the lesson than before.

Remember, if you arrive on time and didn’t dig your lesson, we have a money-back guarantee so you can try out a session with Josaphat and feel secure in getting your money’s worth.  Or, if you prefer, you can try out any other teacher on the house instead of the money back thing.

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