Jillian, or “Jae” (she/them) is amazing to be around and a great, experienced teacher.  We snapped her up right when she was starting her Masters in vocal pedagogy (teaching singing) and she is still in process of that.  What’s amazing about Jae is their ability to connect with a lot of different people.

Jae told me right before their audition “My teacher told me something and I just can’t ever get it out of my head.  He said “Teaching is first about empathy”.  And that sums up the experience that is Jae.

“Teaching is first about empathy”


Right then I wanted to hire them because that’s what we believe, too.  But I had to audition them – it was hard to wait though.  Then the audition started and it was phenomenal.

Jae teaches non-classical styles and also is experienced in liturgical/faith based singing in both classical and non-classical settings.

Jae helps in our trans/enby program.  Her sister is actually trans and Jae is very sensitive to trans/enby issues and is meeting weekly with Dr Felix to become certified by our studio for the trans program.

Jae gives a beautiful and useful lesson and is currently teaching Saturday days and Tuesday nights.  Try her session risk-free with our money-back guarantee on all first lessons.


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