Dr. Felix Graham

“I can honestly say he is the best vocal teacher I have had. I have completely changed the way I sing so it is easier and I can do it for longer.”

Ellie here! I dig Dr Felix! He’s as kind and effective as I could ever ask for in a teacher. He works well with people who’ve experienced trauma with regard to their voice, or who have anxiety about the sound if their voice. I feel great knowing that our students are getting the kind treatment and progress that they deserve.

He holds both a Masters and a Doctorate in vocal pedagogy – both from Columbia – and is VP of the New York Singing Teachers Association. He’s a total voice nerd and author of many research papers in trans voice and hormonal effects on the voice (among other topics).

In addition to the many papers, masterclasses, and presentations at National Association of the Teachers of Singing and elsewhere throughout the United States and Europe, he is also head of our Trans Voice program.

Dr F is kind but also an amazing vocal technician, and we say at the studio that he “treats the whole singer” because he’s great with fear and anxiety pertaining to someone’s voice not reflecting who they are as a person. There can be a lot of fear and anxiety around this issue and Dr F uses a variety of tools in many different modalities to help with this type of anxiety.

I actually took some sessions with Dr F which is how I came to know about his amazing approach and when I heard he’d just completed his doctorate and was looking for work, I knew I had to jump at the chance to invite him on board.

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