Hey guys!  Ellie here!  I wanna say I keep pretty close tabs on our racial demographics to make sure we are being inclusive.  I feel like most voice training places are mainly accessible to white people and I wanted to make sure the studio, as it grows, reflects our priorities.  I speak for everyone here when I say diversity is just as important to us as the quality of training.  And especially as it pertains to our identity as a studio that serves the Asian and trans/nb communities.

I thought some of you all might be interested in knowing what we are about as far as accessibility and who we are serving, so I’ll put the most recent demographic Information below for you.  We are working on our LGBTQIAA2A+ and gender demographics survey as we speak and it should be done later this month.  Here’s the last informal survey I did:

Student Body as of 8/2/2021

  • All Asian/Asian descent: 47% (Asian, East 28%; Asian (non-East Asian) 19%)
  • Anglo 19%
  • African or African American 17%
  • Latinx 14%
  • Unknown 3%

We’ll put the gender and LGBT+ one up as we get them in.


Faculty/Staff As of 12-19-21

  • Asian/Asian American/Mixed Asian 55% (including Mixed Race Latin X and Anglo/Asian)
  • White 44%
  • Latin X / Mixed Latin X: 11% (including Mixed Race Asian)


We are woman-owned