David Lin

Ellie here to tell you about the awesome David Lin who is joining Singing Lessons NYC as a multi-discipline teacher in songwriting, piano, and as a vocal coach.  David is fluent in both English and Mandarin. I love David’s ability to communicate stuff he teaches clearly and in a way that makes sense to people.  

We primarily hired Davis as a songwriting teacher — and he’s had his songs placed in TV shows.  But he also knows how to show people how to record their own songs at home and keep the same high quality you need for radio and TV broadcast.  And that’s just what he did with his own songs using Logic Pro on his Mac and getting them placed on TV shows.

This is really important to us because a lot of our clients have been scouted for TV talent shows like Superstar K directly from their Youtube channel.  What we’ve found is that people who do some covers, but in a style all their own, do the best with scoring these gigs.  That’s where David comes in.  He can teach you to make these versions of songs your own using DAWs (this is like Protools, GarageBand, or Logic) at home in your room.  He can even make a backing band recording for you to use on your channel if you prefer!  We’d rather you learned it yourself, though, since that makes you ultra-competitive as a performer who can make their own tracks.

Another great thing about David is he LOVES to teach…and it really shows when you see him in action.  He’s clear, kind, and always brings it back to what the client needs and says their goals are. Right now, David is teaching piano for us, as well as songwriting and DAWs (ie: how to record your own music on your computer), but he also can work on singing with all you guys who do C-Pop.  

David has a Bachelors degree from Berklee School of Music in Boston.

Here are some options to book David:


Piano or Guitar Lessons

  • Month Package* of 50 min piano lessons $400 + one-time $25 fee (book now)


Songwriting Coaching and/or DAW Music Production

  • Month Package* of 50 min songwriting/recording coaching (Same day/time weekly ongoing) $400 + one-time $25 fee (book now)
  • 90min Group Songwriting course (learn more and book) NEW! Starts 15 Nov and runs 6 weeks $150 for the course

* 1 lesson per week excluding holidays each calendar month.  This averages out to meetings/month, but some months that’ll be 3 lessons, most month 4 lessons, and some months it’ll be 5 lessons