Dana Pirzchalski, Nashville – ADHD and Autism Spectrum Expert

Hey, Ellie here!  The first thing I noticed about Dana Pirzchalski was the warmth and kindness she exudes.  She is energetic and a wonderful person to just be around! I got a contact high just being around her!  But underneath the friendly, calm presence is an amazing voice technician who can get your voice working up to its full potential.

A classically-trained singer-songwriter, Dana has 544+ voice teacher training hours and is a great fit for our singer-songwriter clients in Nashville where she teaches and our online clients from everywhere else.  Dana has a BA in Vocal Performance and a Masters in vocal pedagogy (the art and science of training singers).  She’s also completed Jeannie Lovato’s certification in Somatic Voicework™ (this is a system to specifically teach country, singer-songwriter style singing, pop, rock, and other non-classical style.)

Dana is also giving back to our community and has been a Musical Companion for hospice patients at Season Hospice and Palliative Care in addition to other volunteer work at Samaritan Women Organization’s farm property for victims of sex trafficking. She has also donated time to Girls Rock! Boston as a voice teacher, performance, and songwriting coach.

And finally, Dana’s thesis for her vocal pedagogy Masters is on the topic of how to teach singing to kids with ADHD or who are on the autism spectrum.

Her whole thing is super awesome!

Lessons with Dana are 50 minutes and she teaches out of our Nashville and San Diego locations.

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