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We’ve been giving online voice lessons since 2009!

(Looking for in-person lessons?  San Diego, San Francisco, NYC)

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  • All lessons are one-on-one private sessions.
  • A credit card charge for the lesson fee is required to hold your space in the schedule
  • Technical difficulties are not charged – AS LONG AS YOU DO THE TEST CALL before your lesson.  You will be given a free make up session for those lessons missed due to tech issues IF YOU DID THE TEST CALL
  • YOU WILL BE SENT AN EMAIL THE DAY BEFORE YOUR LESSON which will have a link to click on to access your one-on-one online lesson.

Questions? We can be reached thusly: 212/736.3118 Singing.Lessons.NYC (at gmail)

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Use coupon code Felix20 for $20 off your first lesson w Dr. Felix

Use coupon code Lars10 for $10 off your first lesson w Dr. Lars

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PriceMore Info
50 minutes
Single lesson w Dr. Felix$125Book now
Single lesson w Dr. Lars$110Book now
Single lesson w Ellie$145Book now
10 lessons w Ellie

Complete within 12 months
100 minutes
Single lesson w Ellie$290Book now
10 lessons w Ellie

Complete Within 12 months