Lisa Parente

Lisa Parente, Singing Lessons San Diego

Hey Y’all!  I’m here to tell you about Lisa Parente who is an amazing human with chops to teach both our specialty of non-classical (exa: pop/rock/r&b/etc) as well as classical singing.  In fact, she is a professional opera singer with the San Diego Opera!  She is also in process of earning a Masters in teaching voice in addition to her Bachelors (SDSU) and Masters (the prestigious Peabody School of Music), both in vocal performance.

Lisa is wonderful to be around and during her audition (I audition associate teachers! Whaaa?), she got a staggering number of 10 star ratings (out of ten) from our test clients.

Lisa teaches lighter, more “head voicey” types of singing as well as “belting” for musical theatre and pop/rock music (if you’re a beginner, ”belting” is singing with a strong voice up higher).

I really like her as a person and a teacher. What I look for in teachers is not only exceptional teaching chops, but also someone positive who will support positive-reinforcement learning and not damage singers (which is, unfortunately, a pervasive problem in the industry which can cause people to have anxiety when singing.) You’ll find a positive ball of energy in Lisa!

Lisa’s sessions are 50 minutes each and she is available in La Jolla and Normal Heights.  In La Jolla it’s a flat rate of $125 per session and in Normal Heights, it’s income-based sliding scale $100-125 based on 1.5% of your monthly gross income. We have special rates for those making less than $79K/yr, just text us!

All of Lisa’s 1st time clients have a money-back guarantee on their 1st lesson if it was less than totally awesome!  We check in with you afterwards to make sure!  That money-back guarantee is on all 1st lessons with a new instructor btw!

I think you’ll love Lisa as much as I do!  It took us a year to find someone great for San Diego and I’m proud of Lisa’s work.  (Lisa’s bio page at the San Diego Opera where you can Sponsor her if you wish)


Book now – La Jolla 92037

Book now – Normal Heights 92116