Single 50-Min Voice Lesson NYC

This is a singly-bought 50-minute voice lesson session at the Manhattan location (520 8th Ave Fl 16 @ 36th Street).

What To Bring

We like our students to build their “book” which is a professional standard of sorts for singers.  Here’s what to include:

  • Loose leaf notebook with staff paper (Google “free staff paper”)
  • Include two pencils and one highlighter pen in a light colour
  • If you’ve had voice lessons before, bring your sheet music. If not or if you don’t have music right now, we can get you some – no big!
  • Blank note-taking paper is often helpful
  • Remember —- loose leaf with the big rings (“3 ring binder” style) for your book!
  • Optional: Recording device to record your session for later practice!  Just please don’t post it on BitTorrent, YouTube, or anything like that!

Ready To Roll?

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