Single 50 Minute Voice Lesson – Online with Skype


This lesson type is a single 50-minute private voice lesson with Ellie – online with Skype or FaceTime.  It’s $130 and it’s designed for clients who have already had at least one session with Ellie but who aren’t coming in weekly.  (Book this session)


Discounts You Can Score


To get Artist discount ($5 off)

  • Link to us on your website (social media won’t work – it’s gotta be a website) – ask Ellie for details on the link.  It’s not weird.
  • Put your credit card into the system to hold your session time, but select to not have it charged.
  • Then contact Ellie to pay via cash, VenMo (username: eleonor-england) or Paypal Friends and Family – ask Ellie for the credentials to send out to

That’s it!  Done!


What To Bring

If you take any of your sessions in person, I like for my students to build a “book” which is a standard of sorts for professional work and also helps us in class.  If all your sessions will be online, it’s still better to have a book (it’s a professional tool for singers), but it will be up to you to decide if you want to do it.  Here’s what you’ll wanna include if you do your book:

  • Loose leaf notebook with staff paper (Google “free staff paper”)
  • Include two pencils and one highlighter pen in a light colour
  • If you’ve had voice lessons before, bring your sheet music. If not or if you don’t have music right now, we can get you some – no big!
  • Blank note-taking paper is often helpful
  • Remember —- loose leaf with the big rings (“3 ring binder” style) for your book!
  • Optional: Recording device to record your session for later practice!  Just please don’t post it on BitTorrent, YouTube, or anything like that!

Stuff Helpful for an Online Lesson

  • A Singer’s Book (see above) 😀
  • There is an additional app/program you can get for Skype that allows you to record your sessions.  It is called Pamela.  Oovoo has a built-in recorder.  I’m not aware of a recorder for FaceTime.  You are welcome to record your sessions or parts of your sessions with instruction on it if you prefer, but please dont pop it onto Bit Torrent or YouTube or something.  Trying to pay the rent here.  😀
  • You’ll do best with a laptop rather than a desktop as it is mobile (see following items for why that’s helpful).  If a laptop is not available, a tablet is the next best thing (see if you can run Pamela on it if you are doing Skype), and after that, a phone or phablet is okay, but it should run off of wifi rather than 4G Or Whatever as it’s faster and will cost you les data.  Running it off you phone service can result in data charges and I don’t want that for you.
  • Put the laptop (etc) up in a higher place so that it can aim at your torso if you take a step or two back.  I will need to see you from your hairline down through hips (or slightly below if possible).  You will want to have it so that you can adjust the angle of your webcam, so a holder is sometimes necessary.  One trick is to use an old laptop: open it and angle the screen and then put your device leaning flush with the screen and you can use the laptop to angle your camera,
  • If possible, a hardwire to your internet router provides the best results.  Next best thing is a very fast wifi connection.  Make sure your kids aren’t torrenting or playing games on the wifi during your lessons cause it can cut into bandwidth and make the lesson not as awesome.
  • If your device is under 4 years old and the camera a microphone are still in good order, the microphone and camera on your device should be fine.  If not, I recomment a Blue Yeti USB microphone for your laptop.  For tablets, phablets, and phones, you’re on your own! 😀

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