Single 100-Minute Voice Lesson NYC


This lesson is designed for clients who have had at least one session with Ellie but who aren’t coming in at least oncec weekly.

This is a singly-bought 100-minute voice lesson session at the Manhattan location (520 8th Ave Fl 16 @ 36th Street).  It is $237 – or for first timers $217 (use coupon code 1stNYC).  (Book this session w Ellie)


Discounts You Can Score (Feel Free to Combine Them)


If it’s your first lesson with Ellie, use discount code 1STNYC to get the 1st lesson discount.  Cannot be combined with other two discounts above.


What To Bring

I like for my students to build a “book” which is a standard of sorts for professional work and also helps us in class.  Here’s what you’ll wanna include

  • Loose leaf notebook with staff paper (Google “free staff paper”)
  • Include two pencils and one highlighter pen in a light colour
  • If you’ve had voice lessons before, bring your sheet music. If not or if you don’t have music right now, we can get you some – no big!
  • Blank note-taking paper is often helpful
  • Remember —- loose leaf with the big rings (“3 ring binder” style) for your book!
  • Optional: Recording device to record your session for later practice!  Just please don’t post it on BitTorrent, YouTube, or anything like that!

Ready To Roll? Link to Book This Session


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