Room 17K

Bring your ID to enter the building – plan to arrive at your lesson 15 min before your lesson start time in case there is a line at security. On Sundays, please come 20 min early in case there is long time waiting to pass security downstairs.

After you pass the turnstile on the ground floor,  you’ll see some computer screens with a bunch of numbers on them.  Press 17 and the screen will tell you which elevator to get into to deliver you to 17.


Once on 17, go through the glass doors labelled RIPLEY GRIER

  • Make a left after you go through the glass door
  • Make a right where the hall Ts
  • Stop before you run into the window. Look to your left from facing the window and you will see room 17K.
  • We’ll open the door at the end of the session before you.
  • If the door doesn’t open by 1 min after your start time, knock
  • Don’t go into the room and shut the door until your teacher is there cause then they’ll think the room is occupied.  We like to get in there and set the room up if time permits.
  • Continue to kill it!

IF YOU ARE RUNNING LATE or there is any problem the day of your lesson, please text 415-895-0549 to let your instructor know.  This is different than our general number and is text-only

Building Address

520 8th Ave

(between W 36th and W 37th Streets on the east side of 8th Ave.)

New York, NY 10018


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