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  • Dr Felix is incredible!! [He] helped me

    get through many restrictions
    to have a beautiful voice.

    I am amazed by how fast my voice has developed.

    - Stephen S, Google review


    “The best! My vocal coach Felix is just

    a miracle worker...

    I learn so much faster with Felix than my

    previous 2 vocal coaches.”

    - Michael L reviewing Dr Felix (Google Review)


    “I learned more in one lesson here than

    3 months at the last place I took singing lessons!

    It’s like night and day.“

    - Sandra C reviewing Dr Felix

  • “Compared to lessons I’ve taken in the past with other teachers,

    I’ve made progress much faster here.”

    -Ariel T reviewing Dr Felix and Ellie (Google Review)

  • “You’ve done more for me in one lesson

    than all three of my previous teachers the

    whole time I was studying with them.”

    - Martin L’s review

  • “I’ve been working with Dr Felix for a year now

    and I can honestly say he’s the

    best vocal teacher I’ve ever had.”

    - Lainey (Google review),

    several previous voice teachers

  • “After just one lesson...I had a stronger, more beautiful voice…I learned more about my voice than most of my other teachers taught [me] combined.”

    - Matt D’s review (Yelp)


    “Dr Felix is a warm-hearted and modest genius...there are

    surprises every week, breakthroughs that astonish me, and

    always learning and fun.”

    - Randy P’s review on Google

  • “The best vocal coach I have had...techniques that no one has ever taught me and no one probably even knows about.”

    - Brittany’s Yelp review



Example of our work in student Kate Kim’s video review:

Video Review: The brilliant Singing Lessons NYC K-Pop star and Superstar K contestant Kate Kim.  We were her first (and only) singing teacher before she was signed by a K-Pop label and moved to South Korea

Hey!  We are a professional vocal training studio founded in 1999 in San Francisco and now based out of Manhattan.  We accept beginners through pro-level singers, and even have a non-professional kids studio for kids aged 5-12.  Professional kids who are abt to take a 50-minute class (and kids 13+) should sign up here though.

We work with people who have personal goals of singing (be it at karaoke, at community theatre or choirs, at their own weddings or engagement, etc) as well as those in the process of going pro or furthering their career.

Client Accomplishments

Can I just brag on our super awesome clients for a sec?  Here’s a partial list of the recent stuff they did – amateur & pro:

Clients Who Started As Beginner With Pro Aspirations Were

  • GRAMMY nominated (Whaaaa????)
  • Played sold out solo concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum (capacity like 13,000 people)
  • 3 certified #1 hit songs based on albums and single sales
  • 6 certified top 10 songs based on album and single sales
  • Certified multi-platinum album sales
  • San Diego Music Awards wins and nominations
  • LA Music Awards wins and nominations
  • Music in Media Awards
  • Artists In Music Awards (Hollywood) wins
  • Bay Area Music Awards wins and nominations
  • Venues like the Vienna Opera House, South by Southwest, headliner at Bali Jazz Festival, more
  • Tons of song placements in film and TV
  • Tons of cd’s recorded
  • American Idol Golden Ticket winner
  • Superstar K
  • Super Idol – client took 2nd place.  This is like American Idol but for the Taipei market
  • The Voice
  • Honestly if this thing gets too long, it gets boring, so I’ll spare you guys

Beginning Clients with Personal Goals

  • Multiple people have sang at their own wedding – this is a common and beautiful goal
  • Going from totally freaked out to even sing Happy Birthday with a group of people to being able to sing a song solo in front of friends
  • People who thought they were tone deaf have gone on to sing on key and some even reassessed their goals and started singing professionally
  • Won auditions into community musical productions and choirs
  • Many have worked up a karaoke tune for home or office parties or for singing with friends in a karaoke room
  • Sang to their significant other/spouse at Valentine’s Day
  • Sang to their now fiance when they proposed
  • TONS of other super fun and sometimes super touching personal projects

Students With School Goals

  • Of our clients who have studied at least a year, we have a 96% acceptance rate to their school of choice
  • A few have taken and passed the Coronado School of the Arts audition
  • A few have taken and passed the School of the Arts audition in San Francisco
  • A few have been accepted after auditioning for Manhattan School of Music and New England School of Music at the graduate jazz level
  • Berklee, of course.  😀
  • Musicians’ Institute in LA
  • More