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NYC Beginner who can’t wait till mid-Sept? Book with Lothair while Ellie’s gone!

  • Ellie’s 4 promises to our clients:

    1. Leave each session singing better

    2. Leave each session feeling better emotionally and physically

    3. Learn techniques you won’t learn at other studios

  • Congratulations to Ellie’s client

    Karl Ali on being an

    American Idol Golden Ticket winner

  • “You’ve done more for me in one lesson than all three of my previous teachers the whole time I was studying with them.”

    - Martin L reviewing Ellie

  • Congratulations to

    Aeode on her

    GRAMMY nomination

    (Ellie’s client, US Pop)

  • “Improved my skills like no other. I was shocked...[Everything] improved in such a short period of time. Her techniques are fun, funny, and yet incredibly effective!  I highly recommend.”

    - JP after 6 sessions (Yelp),

    2 previous voice teachers


    Congratulations to

    Ellie’s former client

    Prudence Liew on

    hosting The Voice in Hong Kong!


  • “After just one lesson with Ellie, I had a stronger, more beautiful voice…I learned more about my voice than most of my other teachers taught [me] combined.”

    - Matt D reviewing Ellie (Yelp)

  • Congratulations to

    Kate Kim on landing

    Superstar K TV show and

    majour label signing

    (Client, K-Pop)



  • Ellie’s worked with many students toward their cd projects.  Her clients have gone on to:

    • Majour label signing

    • Certified platinum album sales

    • Certified #1 hit songs

    • Certified #1 album sales

    • Certified top 10 songs and albums (charting below #1)

    • First cd’s for emerging artists

  • “I could tell she was a different kind of coach…about 3-5 minutes into following her instructions, she told me to sing. Whoa. There was a noticeable improvement in my tone and an ease in performance.”

    - Singer-Songwriter Charlie I reviewing Ellie

  • Congratulations to Ellie’s client


    2nd place finalist on Super Idol TV show (Taiwan)

  • “Her singing lessons helped me to ‘find my voice.’  I have to ask myself ‘is that me singing?’...Exceeded my expectations as a vocal coach...This weekend a sound engineer said that I was ready for prime time.”

    - Priscilla on Yelp

  • Congratulations to current & former clients

    who won their TV show auditions:

    • American Idol

    • The Voice

    • Superstar K

    • Super Idol

    • more

  • Ellie has a perfect 5 star rating

    across all review platforms

    (Yelp, Google, Facebook, you know the drill)

  • Client/Former Client venue bookings include:

    • South by Southwest

    • Hong Kong Coliseum (sold out, two nights)

    • Vienna Opera House

    • more

  • Current and Former Client wins/nominations:

    • GRAMMYs

    • Chinese Music Awards

    • Los Angeles Music Awards

    • Artist in Music Awards (Hollywood, CA)

    • more

  • Congratulations to

    Steve Bulger and his band

    145th Street Blues Band

    - So. California Regionals Winners,

    International Blues Competition

  • Ellie’s clients have a 96% acceptance rate on auditions to school or university of choice including:

    • Berklee School of Music
    • Manhattan School of Music
    • New England Conservatory of Music
    • School of the Arts High School (San Francisco)
    • Coronado School of the Arts High School (San Diego)
    • More
  • “Eleonor is the best vocal coach I have had…She teaches you techniques that no one has ever taught me and no one probably even knows about.”

    - Brittany reviewing Ellie 

    (Ellie is her 3rd teacher)

Singing Lesons NYC testimonial with Kate Kim


Video Review: The brilliant Singing Lessons NYC K-Pop star and Superstar K contestant Kate Kim.  We were her first (and only) singing teacher before she was signed by a K-Pop label and moved to South Korea


Welcome back to lessons in Summer 2019!  For those who may be new to the Singing Lessons NYC by Eleonor England - welcome!

We’ve had some great results with Ellie’s former clients going on to nominations/wins/etc at:

  • the GRAMMYs
  • Los Angeles Music Awards
  • Chinese Music Award
  • The Voice, Superstar K
  • #1 album & song charting

We’ve also had amazing results and a lot of fun with beginners developing their voice for recreation or to move into being professional.  Beginners with non-pro goals have:

  • Sang at their own wedding
  • Sang at a proposal
  • Become office karaoke stars
  • Gotten into audition-only choirs and community theatre
  • Gotten the band back together!  :D
  • More

Ellie’s clients have also:

  • Made the transition from classical to jazz, pop, or rock without sounding lame AF
  • Learned not to fear singing or speaking
  • Learned singing breathing for general well-being and stress relief
  • Overcome stage fright using mental training techniques

...You get the idea and can read Ellie’s reviews, as well.

Ellie likes the variety of working with people of all different backgrounds, skill levels, and types of goals.  Working with just pros or just beginners isn’t as fun as getting to work with lots of different people.

Our 3 commitments to you as a person and artist or amateur singer:

  1. You will leave each lesson a better singer or speaker
  2. You will leave each lesson feeling better emotionally and physically than when you walked in
  3. You will learn techniques that you won’t learn at other studios

Ellie chooses to teach because it is actually really thrilling to get to hear the results right away, get to meet people and hear about their hopes and dreams and get to do concrete work toward getting them there - whether it is just to sing better or to cut a cd or make an audition.  We love people and we love dreams and having the chance to work on them with people is a real privilege.


Ellie Offers Something Unique in NYC

This is what makes us unique among studios that teach singing lessons in NYC:

  • All clients see Ellie - there are no associate teachers so the quality of lesson is really consistent - you get the same quality of lesson as she gave to all my students listed above.
  • Ellie is priced very competitively.  A lot of the studios offering singing lessons in NYC who, like us, have clients nominated for GRAMMYs, winning American Idol and Superstar K auditions, hosting majour shows like The Voice, and selling felony quantities of records are chargining $250+/session.  But that sucks cause at those rates most peope can’t come in that often.  We want you to come in and learn some stuff.  Your skills and success are our resume.
  • Ellie is cost-effective. Many of our clients and past students have left reviews to the effect of one lesson here is more informative and useful than however many lessons/years/months of study at both cheaper and more expensive studios. Check out our reviews for more deets!
  • Just because you’re not a pro vocalist and regardless of whether you want to go pro or just for personal reasons, you’ll get treated the same.  We love our star and pro clients but we also love our amateur clients and just really enjoy meeting diverse people from all over with different relationships to singing.  We have clients who are devoted shower singers through international pop superstars.  It’s the diversity that makes it fun!
  • Ellie know what jazz is! Ellie sings it in prominent venues internationally.  This is especially helpful if you are looking for a jazz vocal coach or are in town for jazz vocal workshops.
  • Almost all clients notice that they learned how to make thier voice sound better in the first lesson.  The first lessons is where you learn how to sing from your diaphragm correctly.  Other ways to sing better and tips to sing better are given at each lesson along the way.  We offer solid technique for all musical styles, which is how to improve your singing voice.
  • Clients who started with Ellie as their first voice lessons went on to do some cool stuff!