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Affordability.  We’re all looking for it.   What are the hidden costs of singing lessons that should go into the calculus of affordability in singing lessons?  A lot of people are price shopping voice lessons – especially Those looking for singing lessons for kids which often means parents are paying for other lessons at the same time.  I’m going to give you my professional insight into some of the things to look for and things to compare when you’re deciding what is affordable — and also let you know why I think singing lessons at this studio are really affordable overall.

There are singing lessons priced at lower costs per hour or minute or whatever out there. And of course much more expensive lessons per hour/minute to be had. But when calculating affordability, you have to take cost per result into consideration rather than cost per minute – let me explain – and I think this studio offers a pretty affordable ratio of cost per result. Overall, I think my clients end up spending less over time to get the same or better result. Many students who come in for singing lessons comment that one lesson from me taught them more than their last teacher in total or their last several vocal instructors. That makes me realize not that I am so super awesome at teching singing lessons, but just how easy it is to fall into the trap of going for the cheapest per session or per minute thinking it’s affordable and end up spending a lot more money over time.  This is sort of a truism in many aspects of life, as much as I don’t like to think it cause I like things with small initial cash outlay.  But that initial outlay is not the final cost.  Check out this somewhat killer article about how cheap outlay can actually cost a lot more over time.   It is such a truism that where I am from in California, there is a Spanish saying “Lo barato sale caro” (“the cheap comes out expensive.”)

So sessions that are cheap as calculated by the minute are not always what could be called an affordable singing lesson.”  Cost is a long-term proposition when you’re looking for affordability in singing lesson – as with everything else in life.  With a car, we don’t calculate if it’s inexpensive to run by how much it takes to fill up the gas tank.  It’s how much gas it burns per MILE.  So cost per outcome.  For affordable singing lessons, The cost should be figured as it pertains to learning to do certain things.  With some studios, you won’t ever get there regardless of the length of study. And with others, you will.  What is affordability if not something you spend less money overall to get.

So as far as “affordable singing lessons” math. Let’s say you make twice the progress with teacher A versus teacher B. Teacher A is $100/session and teacher B is $50/session. If you go to teacher B for 12 weeks, you’ll spend $780. You could spend that same amount studying with teacher A for 6 weeks and make the same progress. Now the numbers aren’t always so round but I think you see the idea.  Comparing singing lessons which might not be equivalent based on their price is an apples and oranges type situation.

Pricing Affects Progress

In general, the cheapest professional singing lesson you will be able to get is $55/session. That is the rate for vocal teachers who are starting off and it sounds affordable. But if the teacher lacks the experience or can’t connect with you, it ends up affecting your progress in the lessons. I’ve tried a lot of pricing over the 18 years I’ve been teaching – both high and low – and I’ve settled into a sort of sweet spot. If I go lower, my students don’t make the progress. And if I go higher, I get clients who think all you have to do is spend money and you automatically get vocal progress. So my pricing strategy has, I think, something to do with how successul my student are.  Pricing is not just a determinant as to how much money you make, but it is also IMO very closely related to how much progress your students will make. It sounds weird, I know, but in my experience pricing determines outcome to a large extent in voice lessons.  And overall an “affordable singing lesson” is determined by outcome.  After all, you’re not paying your teacher for their charming personality – at least that’s not the primary thing you’re buying.

 Connection with the Teacher

Not everyone loves teaching singing lessons. I personally do – I love it. But sometimes people go into teaching because they don’t really know what else to do. They muscle through it, but you can kinda tell the love isn’t there. This has an effect on the students and on progress in singing lessons. You know what I mean. Singing is a very personal experience and starting out can be frightening for beginners.  And even if it isn’t, there needs to be an emotional vulnerability in the singing lessons in order to make progress as a singer. If you can’t be vulnerable in your voice lessons, you won’t be able to express yourself. In fact, even the technical aspects of singing will be compromised because your body might be all stressed out and strainy. And the more of a sort of formality that exists the more apt people are to be stressed out and not be able to do some of the stuff in the singing lessons.

Of course most people know that a mean teacher is a very bad scene, but there is still the perception among some beginners that a singing teacher needs to be mean to be effective. I know several singers who quit performing because they studied with a mean teacher and over time they started to associate singing with very negative feelings. It took the joy out of it for them. One of my friends is such a special person and a great singer (and amazing teacher) but she won’t perform anymore because she got a really mean teacher in NYC. The teacher was skilled but would be very harsh on her if my friend made a mistake.  So, essentially, she spent money to “buy” never performing again out of fear.  It hurts e to think of it, actually.

I feel very bad for my friend, but her story is not uncommon. IMO, you need to be able to make mistakes in the singing lesson because sometimes you accidentally fall into a great moment vocally and can seize that and expand on it – it can be a breakthrough. But if you’re too scared to make a mistake, you never get access to those moment.  Progress affects overall cost so this is an issue when shopping for affordable singing lessons.

I genuinely love people. The singing lessons situation is a very intimate thing and I end up being very invested in my students and their progress because of the connection we develop. In fact, I’d like to prove it to you by doing an initial singing lesson with you and getting the chance to meet and work with you. For that reason, I’m gonna pop to promotional codes below you can use with the online scheduler. One is for a single session of 50 minutes duration and one is for a single session of 1 hour and 40 minutes duration. I hope it helps you get in here so we can see what we can do for you and get you into a multi-session package where the pricing is better and where we can get you started getting to your singing goals. Thanks for reading all the way through!

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