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Jeff Wednesdays, Saturdays

Pricing is income-based

Income at or below $102k – $125/50 min – use coupon code Kvn125

Income $102.5K-106K – $130/50 min – use coupon code Kvn130

Income $106.5K-108K $135/50 min – use coupon code Kvn135

Income $108.5K-114K – $140/50 min – use coupon code Kvn140

Income $114.5K-118K – $145/50 min – use coupon code Kvn145

Income $118.5K+ – $150/50 min – use coupon code Kvn145



If your income is lower than $78K, please text us for help


Select an Appointment Time – Online Lessons

Select Appointment Time – In Person Lessons in NYC


Studio Policies

1) I agree to the cancellation policy which states that missed lessons for any reason including illness are charged in full unless I give 72 hours notice via email or text.

2) If you did not love your 1st lesson and you arrived on time, you qualify for our Money Back Guarantee.  It is only for if you did not love your lesson and not for if you just decide not to go forward due to scheduling or other considerations.   If you elect to do the money back, you cannot take more sessions with that same teacher.  However, you can elect, instead, to take a free session with another teacher in lieu of the refund.  

3) Your in-person NYC lesson is not confirmed until you send us a screenshot of your vaccine pass through the Excelsior app.  The address will be emailed once we have that.  We require an initial Covid vaccination, but no longer require a booster