Pop, Rock, C-Pop, & K-Pop

Ellie here!  We work with a lot of singers in US Pop and Rock, K-Pop, and C-Pop – including quite a few Canto- and Mando-Pop artists in the Hong Kong market with in person and online lessons.

Fundamental issues like how to breath for singing, breath support, and resonance are, of course, a key part of this, but pop music in all its forms also requires something called “belting” which is sometimes called “singing in the mix”.  Belting can make your voice sound really big, even on high notes, and that’s a big part of what the commercial pop and rock music of today demands.  The “money notes” if you will.

In order to get to the belt, you need to first learn the fundamentals, but then also really reduce the amount of air you use singing.  Most people think you should use MORE air on high notes but actually that’s a myth!

Also, belting is not singing in “chest voice” really really high, but it sounds like it!  Instead, it is actually singing in head voice but having it sound just like chest voice.  But because it’s not really chest voice, it doesn’t damage the voice the way it would if you kept trying to sing chest voice too high.  Some people call this process “mixing”.

If all of this is super confusing, that’s totally cool cause we will bring you from the ground up – whether you’re an absolute beginner or a novice singer – all the way up to doing some of these super fun advanced techniques.  It goes faster than you might think!

So if pop is your fave, you’ve come to the right place!  Our students have been on these shows, or won or been nominated for:

  • Chinese Music Awards
  • Superstar K
  • The Voice
  • American Idol
  • LA Music Awards
  • More

Come join our studio – we really want you to do well and we accept beginners – even those who might have some problems singing on key right now!



Founder, curriculum director, and head coach