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We’ve been giving online voice lessons since 2009! (Looking for in-person lessons?  San Diego, San Francisco, NYC)

  • ALL LESSONS ARE ONLINE 1-on-1 during Covid
  • Time in online lessons over 2 minutes spent solving tech issues does not count toward your online lesson time – IF YOU DID THE TEST CALL WITH HAZEL before your session.

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We often have a waiting list.  Right now, there is one for Eleonor ($145/lesson) and Felix ($125/lesson).  Click here to book with Eleonor.   Contact Hazel to get with Felix.

  • YOU WILL BE SENT AN EMAIL THE DAY BEFORE YOUR LESSON which will have a link to click on to access your one-on-one online lesson.

Questions? We can be reached thusly: 212.736.3118 Singing.Lessons.NYC (at gmail)

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w/ Dr Lars Woodul, baritone

Singing Technique
Classical, Theatre,

PhD Vocal Performance
  • 50 min each
  • 25+ years teaching experience
  • Adults or kids 11+ yrs
  • Dr Lars can provide:
    Tension reduction
    Classical or Theatre Style
    Solutions for Over-Thinkers

  • PhD in vocal performance and has studied a lot of Alexander Technique. He's great with all voices and nodule recovery
  • Great with classical, pop, rock, and musical theatre.
  • Lesson can include 25 min of vocal exercises to warm up and learn technique
  • Lesson can include work on one song
  • 10-lesson package credits good for 1 yr
w/ David Lin, Singer-Songwriter

Piano, Songwriting,
& Music Production Lessons

Mandarin or English
  • 25-, 50-, or 100-min each
  • 9+ years teaching experience
  • Adults or kids 5+ yrs
  • Songwriting:
    Songwriting Coach
    Composing for Bands & Solo Projects
    How to Market Your Songs
    Mandarin or English
  • Music Production:
    Recording Songs at Home
    How to Use DAWs
    Post-Production at Home
  • Piano:
    Accompanying yourself
    Pop/Jazz or Classical Method
    Kids Welcome
  • BA from Berklee School of Music,
    Magna Cum Laude
  • 10-lesson package credits good for 1 yr
  • Month packages available
    Same time/day 1x each week